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Oceanus is one of the Ocean Masters hired by Three Rings. He was hired with the fifth wave of Ocean Masters alongside Glaucus.


Oceanus actively moderates the Game Design topic on the forum.

Dolls Awarded Trinket-Oceanus doll.png

  • Jacquelyne of Sage as a winner of the Rookie Cards for Rookie OMs Avatar event.
  • Pletoo of Sage as a winner of the "U Giv Doll" contest.
  • Jerze of Midnight as a winner of the "U Giv Doll" contest.
  • Horror of Sage as a special prize for making the "How Slow Can You Go?" tournament last 6 and a half hours. Inscribed "For one Horror of a slow tournament".
  • Nine were given out as special prizes for "Oceanus' Shack of Zen" contest.
  • Six were given out, with inscriptions, as prizes for the "Ride on the Back of a Sea Monster!" contest (as were 9 Oceanus Eggs).
  • Luigi and Sabre of Malachite, as winner and runner-up of Oceanus' "Poker" Tournament.

In Mythology

In Greek mythology, Oceanus is the gigantic world-encircling river. This world-ocean is personified as Oceanus, the titan. From Oceanus springs all the rivers of the world. His consort is his sister Tethys, and their children are the three thousand ocean nymphs "Oceanids".


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