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Trick ARRR Trinket 2013 logo.

During October 2013, in celebration of Halloween, special trinkets representing candy could be won as part of the Trick ARRR Trinket event. During the event, these trinkets could be won from Sea Monster Hunt locations and Brigand King encounters. These trinkets could subsequently be exchanged at a trading post for monster doll trinkets, which could also be held in portraits.

(These trinkets are the same as from 2012's Trick or Trinket Halloween event, and any such trinkets remaining from the previous year can be used just the same as this year's.)

Trinket-Atlantish fish.png
Atlantish fish
Trinket-King-sized bar.png
King-sized bar
Trinket-Sucker bat.png
Sucker bat
Trinket-Sugar skull.png
Sugar skull
Trinket-Wax elixir.png
Wax elixir
Atlantis Atlantis Haunted Seas Brigand Kings Cursed Isles Cursed Isles Haunted Seas

Monster dolls

Trinket-Frankenstein's doll.png
Frankenstein's doll
Trinket-Goblin doll.png
Goblin doll
Trinket-Vampire doll.png
Vampire doll

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