Prolix Purlieu (Cerulean)

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Prolix Purlieu
Favicon.png Prolix Purlieu on the Cerulean Ocean
Medium island in the Jade Archipelago
Prolix Purlieu (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Smoke and Mirrors  
Governed by   Palefire
Navy color   Yellow
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Prolix Purlieu is a medium island located in the Jade Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Lima Island, Erh Island, Typhoon Island, and Terra Island.

Natural resources

This island spawns papagoite and wood. They can be bid at the market.


Petite Boutique D'Horreurs (trading post)
Blanque Check (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Marche Exotique (upgraded)
Champagne Bubbles (bazaar)
Estate agent 
Estate of the Art (upgraded)
Le Maison de Noix (right-facing pirate hall)
The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Fer is Fair (bazaar)
Siege de Guerre (upgraded)
French Fried Frigs (bazaar)
Roussette (bazaar)


Prolix Purlieu was originally located on the Cobalt Ocean. A log on the western edge reads, "This island were fashioned by Jezabella."

Prolix I — 2005-04-30, The Art of War took Prolix Purlieu in three rounds.

The Art of War ceded the island to Bad Moon Rising on 2005-10-1. (Date is approximate.)

Prolix II — 2005-11-12, Bad Moon Rising sucessfully defended Prolix in a sinking blockade against the flag Hell from Above.

Bad Moon Rising transferred the island to Indestructible on 2005-11-24.

Indestructible merged with Hecate's Fury to form Indestructible Fury on 2006-01-01.

Prolix III — 2006-10-21, Indestrucible Fury sucessfully defended Prolix in a sinking blockade against the flag The Art of War.

Indestructible Fury transferred the island to National Pirate Radio on 2007-2-28

Prolix IV — 2007-03-10, Trust defeated National Pirate Radio in 3 rounds in a non-sinking blockade.

Prolix V — 2008-07-12, Destiny defeated Trust in 4 rounds in a non-sinking blockade. Trust sadly decided not to defend - but went to 4 rounds following drops from Dark Asylum and Castaway Cove.

Prolix VI — 2008-08-09, Destiny disbanded before the blockade concluded. This was by prior arrangement - and a transfer of Prolix from Destiny to Thors Hammer was in progress when The Art of War dropped the chest.

Prolix VII — 2008-03-14, Thors Hammer posted intent to transfer Prolix to Mixed Nuts earlier in the week. Mixed Nuts successfully ran the defense against Caution Road Humps. Prolix was transferred to Mixed Nuts the following Tuesday, March 17.

Prolix VIII — 2008-08-16, Mixed Nuts defeated Mafia in 3 rounds in a sinking blockade.

Prolix IX — Mixed Nuts defeated Reverence's Rebirth in 3 rounds in a sinking blockade.

Prolix XReverence's Rebirth defeated Mixed Nuts in 5 rounds in a sinking blockade.