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For the crew Trust on the Hunter Ocean, see Trust (Hunter).
Trust at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Cassiopeia of Celestial Someones
Member crew(s) Alvin and the Shipmunks, Celestial Someones, Dragons oF Ocean, Graceland, Rome, Shyama, Truth and Justice
Founded 21 July, 2005
Dormant as of 25 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Trust, a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean, was founded on July 21st, 2005 on Cobalt.


On March 10, 2007, Trust successfully attacked Prolix Purlieu against National Pirate Radio and won the blockade in 3 rounds.

Created Radio Free Cobalt.

Trust, and the crew Truth and Justice specifically holds the pan-ocean record for longest continuous pillage ever; an event called the Best Bad Idea Ever.

Public statement

Ahoy Mates!

Trust is a flag that aims to share the power and wealth on Cobalt Ocean with fellow pirates and create a fun atmosphere for everyone! Trust will try its best to stay out of alliance webs that simply sit on islands and make Cobalt Ocean a boring place. If we ever get THAT powerful or lose our way, be sure to come and hit us with all yer might :) There may be situations where we seemingly collide with long-time hearties (all in good fun), but we will always respect our mates while we attempt to increase the fun potential on Cobalt Ocean.

Trust is a great place fer pirates to experience all levels of gameplay and explore new areas including Monarch and Governor, without the back-breaking work of trying to establish their own flag that is capable of such achievements. Trust has a full-fledged website, dedicated Teamspeak server and an Internet radio station - Radio Free Cobalt, all at the service of our members for free. If you mean hard and fair play, and lots of fun, Trust is the place where you can get help to make progress, and when ye do, yer efforts won't go unnoticed!

Here be our code of conduct:

  1. We won't forget tis real people like ourselves trying to have fun in their spare time here. However we will keep in mind tis a role-playing game. We will treat all pirates with respect, whether they be like-minded or not.
  2. Trust is a monarchy, but almost democratic in practice. All Royalty and Titled Members have access to a special forum area, where critical decisions such as war or blockade are voted upon. The decisions will be carried out by royalty in-game. Using flag forums frequently to check for issues is mandatory for Royalty and Titled Members.
  3. Royal counts per crew will be decided by a vote of the existing Royalty and Titled Members. Small crews may be represented by Titled Members initially, but may move into Royalty as they advance.
  4. Trust will rotate the Monarch every 2 months amongst Royalty. New royals will have to wait for one cycle to finish, to be eligible for Monarch. Old Monarchs aren't eligible until no new candidates exist.
  5. Once an island is captured, the "right to govern" will be given to flag members based on the amount of their contributions for the blockade. More contributions will result in longer periods of governing rights. The pirate with the "right to govern" may assign another flag member as Governor. Governors will deposit an island's profits to flag funds, unless otherwise stated by Royalty and Titled Members.

Trust will engage in all kind of piratey activities such as pillaging, blockading, trading, playing parlor games and these activities also include WAR. Please consider this before joining our flag or declaring war on us, as we are not the totally soft-at-heart pirates we may sound like :)

Please visit us on to join the forum fun, post yer pictures, read ocean news or tune into Radio Free Cobalt!


Monarch of Trust

Past Monarchs: Irontomflint, Valthegreatx, Gif, Vertigogull, Tyggr, Bbubba, Rein, Onelovefun, Sixsevenmark, Lillylou


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 10 March 2007 Prolix IV Attacking No +National Pirate Radio vs. Trust 0:3 Won island
2 12 July 2008 Prolix V Defending No Trust vs. Destiny, Dark Asylum, Castaway Cove 1:3:0:0 Lost island

External links

Flag Forum

Everyone is welcome to the Trust flag forum! Please register with your pirate name and join, for some piratical fun. If you are a friendly flag, come discuss strategy, if you are an enemy, come throw down your best! Either way, there is where you belong.

Also, please tune in to Trust Flag's own radio broadcast, launched to celebrate the liberation of Prolix Purlieu (11MAR07) Paste the following stream URL into your favourite media player: