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Hecate's Fury

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Hecate's Fury at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Rowan of Bottle of Rum
Member crew(s) Heian Era, Dragon's Blood, Bottle of Rum, Scurvy Dogs, The Ugly Muggers
Merged as of 2 November, 2005

Hecate's Fury was a flag on the Cobalt Ocean. Hecate's Fury merged with the flag Indestructible, to become Indestructible Fury as of November 2nd 2005.


Public Statement

There once was a Flag named Hecate's,
Who loved to have Block Parrrtay's.
Our ships we will float,
Like little tug boats,
to the isle we will drink,
"Long Live Hecate's"

General Requirements for Prospective Crews:

1) Captain MUST have minimum of Broad in ALL piracy duties, and must have a minimum rating of Distinguished in everything (including sea battle, but excluding navigating).
2) Crew MUST have at least ONE (1) officer that has at least Broad in ALL piracy duties.
3) Crew must maintain a minimum average of 5 battles per day.

Requirements for Consideration for Title:

1) Crew must be in the flag for a probationary period of no less than 2 weeks.
2) Crew must maintain the minimum avg battles per day.

Requirements for Consideration for Royalty: Crews that qualify for royalty make substantial contributions to the flag and far exceed the minimums in activity and stats. For more information, please contact the monarch or any royal.

Hecate's Fury Message Board: http://www.gossiping.net/phpBB2/index.php?mforum=hecatesfury


{Royal Pains in the Booty}

Rowan of Bottle of Rum (Monarch of the Month)
Dcyborg of HE
Manontoilet of HE
Tarf of HE
Vanderman of Dragon's Blood
This info is brought to you by the Letter Rrrrr and the number 7


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 10 September 2005 Harmattan I Attacking Yes none vs. Raiders of the Lost Arch, Hecate's Fury 0:3:2 Didn't win island

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