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Madcrash is a pirate formerly from the Sage Ocean. he is now part of the Emerald Ocean and is a senior officer of the crew League of Shadows.



In 2006, Madcrash first came to the Sage ocean and his default home was Lincoln Island. He joined the crew Destroyers of Sage and began his career as a cabin person

He began to get used to the puzzling, and eventually, after a few month of work, became a pirate of the crew.

The captain of the crew (name unable to be remembered) resigned and left his role with Sycodicgod who raised Madcrash to senior officer rank, mainly due to their close friendship in the crew.

By November, Madcrash was captain of the crew which had risen to number 5 in the crew rankings. Within a few weeks Madcrash raised them to number 1.


The crew disbanded in July due to rows inside of the crew escalating and half of the members leaving. Madcrash left the game for a few month before returning and staying as an independent pirate for much of the year.

Golden Age


In 2008, Madcrash discovered his greatest success. He created the crew Masquerades Revolution with his brother Kuresaka and in time found friends inside of the crew and his trusted senior officers. His main senior officers were:

The crew went and reached #1 in May, and were part of the flag Black Flag who at this point were owners of Barbary, Basset and [[Isle of Kent]. Madcrash was a prince in the flag.


By 2009, Masquerades Revolution was untouchable, atop of the ocean and by far the biggest crew in the ocean. This success lasted well into 2011, before the downfall of the crew.

Effectively backstabbed and betrayed, Madcrash relinquished ownership of the crew to Appelflapje, before going his own way, wishing his old crew well. Masquerades Revolution quietly disbanded in 2012.

Madcrash was scattered about the ocean for the better part of 4 years, either running crews or helping other crews and flags grow and prosper throughout their times in the ocean. by 2013, Madcrash joined Brocko in helping to create League of Shadows.

During the time Madcrash was a part of League of Shadows initially, they managed to grow to a massive size and became one of the most active crews in the game. Health issues hindered Madcrash during this period and he took a hiatus at the beginning of 2014.

Madcrash returned for 6 months in 2015, attempting to reform Masquerades Revolution, making it to number 1 again before retiring for a second time due to health issues.


Madcrash returned to the game, however as a more casual player, in 2017. Joining up with the flag Hysteria and forming the crew Northern Horizon with his younger brother Amizing. This crew was short lived however.

During the time as captain of Northern Horizon, Madcrash made it to titled in Hysteria before he began to grow irritated at the flags inability to recognise the work he puts in to the flag.

The majority of the flag was American, meaning Madcrash would have to stay up until 4-5am each weekend night to help in blockades, whether it be navigating or being an XO.

Madcrash took Northern Horizon out of Hysteria and created the flag To the Skies with the sole purpose of taking Ix Chel from Hysteria. This was a failure.

He would eventually leave Emerald for Obsidian in 2018, until the death of the Obsidian ocean in 2019.

Dark Seas


Madcrash would find the most success in his career as a new pirate on the upstarting Obsidian Ocean. He would create the crew The Light Brigade and recruit his brother, Herieman and Johka as the core of the crew. The crew grew steadily over the beginning of Obsidian's life cycle and peaked at number 2 on the crew fame board.

The crew would be convinced to join the flag Valhalla after much discussion. This proved to be a disappointing phase of the crew, due to the failure of the king of Valhalla, Omess to stay active and try and grow the crew. This lead to disarray and disagreement within the crew.

After discussions, the crew eventually decided to leave Valhalla, until Omess gave leadership to Madcrash. The crew raised the flag of Valhalla as a temporary solace.

The Light Brigade's decline

The core members of Light Brigade began to slowly play less and less, the crew staying steadily at 20/30 members and each member doing their own thing. The Light Brigade eventually joined Madcrash's home flag, Keep the Peace, and this is where things began to look good for certain members of the crew

For Madcrash, this meant he was back in a place where he belonged, and a place he felt at home. Mentality became the main enemy for Madcrash as he struggled to stay on course with the flags ambitions before almost giving in, almost breaking down to Brocko and Wintertide over the whole ordeal.

The work paid off. Madcrash was once again elevated to prince of the flag, The Light Brigade was merged with League of Shadows, and the work just started.

Tha Guvnah

Keep the Peace were preparing for the blockade scene to be introduced to the ocean, with ships being built and the war effort being done as a collective force.

For Madcrash, his main job was to be XO during the blockades, as well as help with stock management, and making sure numbers were available before anything was done.

Madcrash began running regular Cursed Isles and Haunted Seas runs to keep activity up within League of Shadows and keep people interested in the crew. He became one of the mainstay characters in the crew and flag, and helped keep the crew and flag together.

Eventually, Keep the Peace saw an opening a few month after blockades were announced. Loggerhead was controlled by a weak Brigand King, and no one else competed. Keep the Peace conquered Loggerhead Island, and for the first time in his 11 year career, Madcrash finally held the title of Governor, becoming Governor of Loggerhead Island for 3 months.

Unfortunately, activity dwindled on Obsidian as a whole, and Keep the Peace dropped off from the pack, losing Loggerhead to the Brigand Kings, and becoming dormant. This was Madcrash's last real actions on Obsidian, before taking a hiatus from the game and returning to Emerald after learning of Obsidians demise.

Return to Emerald

Since Obsidian's death, Madcrash has since returned to Emerald, where he is a senior officer in the crew Heroes United, and a royal in the flag Chocolate Coated Chaos. He is currently the governer of Ix Chel.