Delirium (flag)

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This article is about the flag. For the disbanded crew once named Delirium, see Nepenthe (crew).
Delirium at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Jasperc of Demons of Dementia
Member crew(s) Boats n Hoez, Booty Raiders, Booze and Glory, Chimera, Counterflood, Demons of Dementia, The Devilish Seas, Disiecta Membra, Felonious Intentions, Flawless, Guardians of the Blade, Hate and Discontent, Marooned, Mujahideen, Pernix Adaeque Simius, Post Mortem , Puzzleholics Anonymous , The Remnant, Scrambled, Thunder Buddies, Un-Koalafied
Founded 29th July, 2012
Allies The Spoon Republic
Wars Bad Wolf, Raiders, Waiteri
Last updated on 13 February, 2017
Favicon.png Flag Info

Delirium is a flag based on the Emerald Ocean, founded on July 29, 2012 by Percues of Demons of Dementia, Kozzar of The Storm Patrol, and Kbirdman of Non Compos Mentis. The flag was originally known as Delirium, then renamed to Hysteria, then renamed back again. Also, it isn't commonly part of any major conflicts, staying on the peaceful side of pirate politics, making allies and love in lieu of enemies.


Obtained #1 flag fame on the ocean on March 16, 2014.

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