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Wintertide's Super Impressive Collection
Betty's hooters

Wintertide is an old soul who will literally eat the skin off of pirates' bodies just because he is bored.

History lessons

Since the creation of the Obsidian Ocean, Wintertide has charitably offered history lessons of Yohoho Puzzle Pirates politics, mayhem, and drama to otherwise unknowing pirates. This philanthropic act has led to the erection of various statues across the ocean in his honor.

Passing the time

Wintertide enjoys participating in blockades in various ways, but mostly as the purser. Wintertide aches for Prosperity and does everything he can to become close to him. In a lust-filled rage, Wintertide can often be seen losing consciousness and speaking in a foreign tongue on global chat. Unfortunately, this chat is often more x-rated than a yeti's erotic fiction, and has resulted in suspensions from the game.