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Malissa is a Senior Officer on the Sage Ocean. Malissa started playing 5 years ago, she loves Pillaging, doing SMHs, and just hanging out with friends and crewmates. She loves carpentry, sailing, and treasure haul and is also good at them all. Malissa is very generous, and nice and kind to many people. She hopes to play for many more years, and meet many more friends.


Malissa is in the crew "Fatal Obbsesion ", a crew built upon friendship and trust. She is a senior officer there, and hopes to be there for a long time. She is an active member, helping with pillages, and talking with crew members.

Houses and Stalls

On Admiral Island Malissa owns a shack, she is a roommate of a cottage, 2 row house, and a town house. She'd like to have a stall one day, but currently it is not her number one priority, however she does help manage Bristolkid's tailors on admiral


Malissa never knows what's in store, but she knows she'll be with friends, and she'll have an adventure with whatever happens in the future. She will play for a long time, so watch out for Malissa wherever you go!