Incredible (flag)

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Incredible at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Icutmyself of Deathcab for Booty
Member crew(s) Deathcab for Booty
Dormant as of 11 January, 2008
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Incredible was a flag on the Midnight Ocean.

It was led by Icutmyself of Deathcab for Booty. This flag has been dormant or disbanded since 11 January 2008.

Public statement

We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. We are forging our spirits in the tradition of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.

The Rules:

Always leave the room after tying the hero to an overly complicated death machine.

Only Chuck Norris is allowed to divide by zero.

I before E except after C.


Incredible was formed on January 6, 2007 by the crew Deathcab for Booty, an alt crew of some dissatisfied members of the crew Barnacle for Brains. The latter crew joined it a few days later, followed soon by the crew tired of it all.

Barnacle for Brains brought with it the supplies and funds it had been raising for an entry into the 24-hour blockade the following weekend. A full-force entry into round 1 brought the flag into third place behind Dies Irae and Crimson Tide but ahead of Avalon and Looterati. Low on ships and funds, the flag pulled out of round 2, throwing all its support behind the leader Dies Irae. Impressed by this unsolicited show of support (which they noticed in Chrisspy's away message only after he repeatedly pushed Zanered's sloop around in the safe zone), Dies Irae removed itself from round 3 and sent all its jobbers to the flag Incredible, which then won round 3, securing a second-place finish overall. The flag was awarded with, among other things, the furnisher shoppe Pottery Barnacle on Epsilon Island.

Less than a week later, the flag was joined by Brig it On, formerly of the flag Dark Judgement. The crew's leaders, Beesley, Desdamona, and Sinnergy were optimistically promised that the flag would be perfect for them, while Desdamona ominously warned the flag that she brings a curse wherever she goes.

The flag gained some additional small crews when the lovely Ladylynne of Simply Echoes, looking for some lively fleet-officer chat with hearties, and former B4B crewmember Baek and his crew Tribute joined up.

During the first day of Midnight's "lowered fame requirements," the flag massed their forces at Cleopatra's Pearls and blockaded the island, while trying their hardest to remain friendly with the defenders. Significant help from Ironguts of the Boochin Katfish and Vova of Dies Irae made victory look possible, although that was not the original intent. A payment agreement sealed blockade pay at 50/segment, a non-sinking agreement was made, and Incredible threw a party for the defenders, Silver Dawn, beforehand to show no ill will. Round 1 of the blockade saw a close victory by Incredible thanks to a huge initial lead, but the defenders' logistical superiority led to a rout for the remaining three rounds. Only Chrisspy and his Vice Admiral Sarahsparrow were working on the logistical issues of the blockade, and it proved too much for two people to handle.

Incredible used all in-flag navigators for the blockade, except for Sweetiepiepi of Tyr's Own and Flirty/Brattyangel of the flag Fair Wynds. The highlight for the attackers included Princess Coconaut's sinking of a war frigate driven by the famed mercenary navigator Shuranthae. Other navigators included Mullins, Noisivitca, Galasea, Saielna, Promiscuous, and Berylofun. Fully 15% of the flag's active members were thus navigating in the attack.

After Chrisspy's retirement, Mullins took control of the flag and the crews Gallows Oak and Lunatic Saloon joined the flag.

Incredible made plans to merge with other flags who had likeminded goals, but nothing panned out. In August of 2007, Pardner and Lunatic Saloon left the flag in order to join Riot. This caused the breakup of the main body of Incredible, and Barnacle for Brains left for the newly reformed flag The Moonlight Marauders, soon followed by Tribute.


At first, Incredible planned to involve itself in a high-profile oceanwide event at least every three weeks. Many of the events were expected to be unconventional events, and announced in a Parley forum. Half the cost of each event was footed by the sponsor, and the other half by the flag.

1. January 13, 2007. 24-hour blockade entry, sponsored by Chrisspy. Budget: 800,000 poe. Events Post Parley Post

2. February 9-11, 2007. Incredible Weekend, sponsored by Chrisspy, Icutmyself and Galasea. Events included the Cutter Pillage Race, Photojournalism Interview, Adopt-A-Pet Contest and Zulu Spelling Bee. Events Summary Thread

3. March 10, 2007. Blockade using various alt flags and silly tactics, sponsored by Chrisspy. Obviously in Parley.

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 10 March 2007 Cleo VI Attacking colonized no Silver Dawn vs. Incredible 3:1 Defended island

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