Boochin Katfish

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Boochin Katfish at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Matrixokahn of Plunder Inc
Member crew(s) Plunder Inc
Organization Oligarchic
Founded 11 September, 2004
Allies Family Ties, Liberty Hull, Lunar Bin
Wars None
Last updated on 3 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Boochin Katfish is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. It was established by Boochinmarie and Katattacksme on 11 September 2004. On 23 October 2004, the flag successfully blockaded the newly-opened Cleopatra's Pearls, and maintained control of that lovely isle until January 2006. Katattacksme was king of the flag from creation until December 2005, when he stepped down to make room for Queen Ironguts. Boochinmarie is the founder of the flag's main crew, Plunder Inc.

The flag's success is due largely to the philosophy of letting everyone be the "pirate ye want to be". The diverse interests in the group have resulted in the flourishing of Cleopatra's Pearls, various profitable businesses, an active shipping industry, regular blood hunts and recruitment of new pirates and officers. Each pirate feels free to take part in as many or as few of these activities as he or she desires. The open atmosphere has also resulted in a large core group that, rather than being exclusive, tends to pull new mates into their web.

Any crews interested in joining Boochin Katfish should contact one of their royals or titled members. Just be prepared to wear Pink Boots!

Public Statement

The Boochin Katfish, from the beginning have always been a goals oriented, but not goals driven flag. We very much understand that this is a game that we pay to play. In our experiences with the game, and watching other great flags fall, we know that the only way to succeed in the game is to have fun. When the game is not fun anymore, it's time to start playing a different game. There is no pressure in this flag to be anything but the pirate that you want to be.

We are not the most powerful, biggest, richest, or most talked about flag in the game. That is perfect for us. We don't seek out any of those things. What we are, is happy to sail with each other, play cards with each other, and challenge each other in fun ways.

Play the game and have fun doing it. Sail, swordfight, play cards, do whatever it is that you like to do. If you find a home in the Katfish, you will only be asked to do the things that the founding members are, and that is to have fun. All are treated, and respected equally within the flag.

Come and be a part of our favorite flag in the Ocean.


In the beginning of the flag, Plunder Inc. and Scupper University were the backbone of the flag. They were later joined by Crimson Knights captained by Subs, Penguin's Flight captained by Ittybeard, and Sweet Tarts captained by Razzberry among others. In the winter 2005, Scupper U. merged into Crimson Knights. In summer 2005, Crimson Knights merged with Plunder Inc. to form a fine crew resulting in the boosting of Boochin Katfish's fame rating solidly into the Top 25 in the ocean. Active members of Penguin's Flight soon moved into Plunder Inc. and Penguin's Flight was disbanded.

Since then, several other crews have taken part in the flag. Among them: Golden Thrivers captained by Goldengundam, Devil's Rejects captained by Mammasboy, Midnight Stronghold captained by Flameraider, and Crafty Coves captained by Tamera.

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