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Tribute at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Castawayjoe
Senior Officer(s) Baek, Luckyjoe
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Moonlight Marauders
Founded 8 February, 2007
disbanded as of 18 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Tribute was a Midnight Ocean crew captained by Castawayjoe and his first mate, Luckyjoe. The name of the crew honored a previous crew that existed long ago on the Viridian Ocean.


A man who wants nothing is invincible...

Whether you have ambitions of officerhood or are content to conquer the waves as a pirate with some of the finest brigands out there, you are welcome in Tribute. Here, both PoE and respect are shared out generously and evenly to all, from the greenest jobber to the most experienced captain.


This crew did not just spring up out of the briny blue. Before knowing Tribute, the tale of another crew must be known.

Once there was a mighty crew on the Viridian Ocean. It was led by Captain Billger. For a year this crew was ranked amongst the top 10 crews of the ocean. At one point in time, this crew had over 400 members, including 15 senior officers, 30 fleet officers and roughly 20 officers. This crew was named The Vikings.

As mighty and fierce this crew was, the captain was getting bored. There was no challenge to the game anymore. So without a word Captain Billger gave the crew over to his first mate, Queenofseas. Billger had complete confidence in her as he started another crew, hoping it would be just as powerful.

But he was mistaken. Queenofseas buckled from the pressure and responsibility of the crew. Later she disbanded it. Thus ended one of the most popular and well thought of crews in the ocean.

The crew Billger started, Viridian Bandits, lasted four months before he realized it was going nowhere, and fast. Having nothing else to do, Billger quit the game. The crew was disbanded and was later reclaimed by other pirates.

A month later, Billger decided to rejoin the life of a pirate. However, with doubloon prices being so high, he moved to another ocean which was better for him. This ocean was the Midnight Ocean.

Not wanting to be haunted by his past, Billger decided on a new name. After much thought, he decided Baek would do just fine.

Under his new identity, Baek jobbed around until he found a decent crew to join. At last, he found one that he enjoyed the most. Captain Chrisspy and his crew, Barnacle for Brains. After giving a hearty "yar", Baek was accepted into the crew, but only as a cabin person. Baek continued as a cabin person, but slowly, he was earning money. When he finally earned enough money, he bought his first sloop.

Finally, it was time for Baek to move on. He then created his current crew Tribute. His first senior officer was Castawayjoe.

Later, Baek became inactive and passed leadership of Tribute to Castawayjoe.

Tribute was eventually merged into the Corsair Raiders after Castawayjoe left the crew and Terciopelo became captain.