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Pardner is a fleet officer of the crew Good Omens and a member of the flag Riot. He sails the Midnight Ocean.


Pardner spawned on the shores of Beta Island and quickly found a home in the ranks of the crew Barnacle for Brains. When it became clear that he would not have extensive recruiting powers in that successful, established crew, he took a few mates with him to form a new crew, the Lunatic Saloon. The crew rejoined Incredible, and Pardner found himself in charge of the flag's foraging operations.

While with Incredible, Pardner incited an event blockade with only cutters and merchant brigs against the flag Riot, and invited other flags to compete as well. The flag Fairwinds also took part.

After the breakup of Incredible, he then took his crew to the flag Riot.

Pardner was at the forefront of Riot's entry into the BK Bumper Boats event on August 4, 2007, which allowed that flag to win an Antediluvian Conch in a blockade setting.

He was leader of the PVP team for Riot's entry into Moonlighting's Namath Island Giveaway, and spent multiple hours chasing opponents' war brigs in order to secure the victory for his flag's team. For his efforts, he was rewarded with the governorship of Namath Island at the end of September 2007. Naturally, his rat Howdy was allowed to live on the shores of that island for a brief time.

He is the owner of the sloop Trusty Steed, and co-owner of the baghlah Rowdy Bar.


  • Pardner navigated ships in the flag Incredible but flying the flag of Tyr's Own via alliance on June 30, 2007 for the defense of Byrne Island. In round one, he navigated war brigs, in round 3, he navigated dhows, and in round 4, he brought in a 9-man war brig in the final minutes.
  • Pardner brought a baghlah to help the flag Blighted on July 29, 2007 at the attack of Cranberry Island via alliance. The baghlah had little effect on the blockade, but caused a small firestorm due to an issue with blockade pay.
  • Pardner instigated and financed Riot's entry into the September 15, 2007 blockade at Orca Island, a three-way blockade with Avast Party People and a Brigand King. The blockade was unsuccessful, and Riot's entry unfortunately ultimately led to continued Brigand King control of that island.
  • Pardner dragged Riot into a blockade-with-attached-event at Angelfish Island on January 19, 2007. The event led to the sinking of dozens of sloops, and no rounds won. (Parley Event)
  • Pardner navigated war frigates in Riot's successful defense against Azarbad the Great at Namath Island on January 20, 2007.