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Ilha da Aguia (Emerald)

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"Ilha da Aguia" redirects here. For other uses, see Ilha da Aguia (disambiguation).
Ilha da Aguia
Favicon.png Ilha da Aguia on the Emerald Ocean
Medium island in the Eagle Archipelago
Ilha da Aguia (Emerald).png

Click on the map for a larger version.
Controlled by   No Bamboozles  
Governed by   Israelhand
Navy color   Red
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Ilha da Aguia is a medium island in the Eagle Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Cambium Island and Hubble's Eye.


Natural resources

This island spawns hemp and iron.


The building naming theme on Ilha da Aguia are titles that relate to the musical group The Eagles.

Take it to the Mint (upgraded)
Commodities market
The Long Trade Run (upgraded)
Estate agent
New Agent In Town (upgraded)
Creaky Breezy Ceilings (left-facing row house)
Hotel California (upgraded)
Iron monger
Learn to Bend Steel (bazaar)
Dirty Balls (upgraded)
Such a Lovely Place (upgraded)
Dressperado (bazaar)
I Wish You Fleece (bazaar)
Certain Kind of Wool (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
Journey of the Explorer (explorers' hall)
One of These Knights (upgraded iron monger)
Premades All in a Row (shipyard bazaar)
Seven Bridges Exploration Road (explorers' hall)


Ilha da Aguia is currently controlled by Good Night.


Ilha da Aguia was originally located on the Hunter Ocean. A tree in the northeast corner of the island reads "This island were fashioned by Synful."

This island's name means "island of the eagle" in Portuguese.

The building naming theme on Ilha da Aguia are titles that relate to the musical group The Eagles. This was chosen as a play on the English translation of the island name.

The island featured in the 2008 Halloween events — during the event, pirates who visited the island would be turned into ghosts, and it contained the third hint for solving Vargas the Mad's riddle.


In August 2008, Brynhild Skullsplitter took control of the island as part of its opening for colonization.

Aguia I, 2008-08-30: Wicked Peace successfully defeated the Brigand King flag Ice Wyrm's Brood in a three-round sinking blockade to colonize the island.

Aguia II, 2009-01-24: Wicked Peace successfully defended against Requited Desires in a three-round sinking blockade. Requited Desires pulled out after Round 2.

Aguia III, 2009-01-31: Requited Desires successfully defeated Wicked Peace in a five-round sinking blockade.

Aguia IV, 2009-05-02: Rebel Rousers successfully defeated Required Desires in a three round non-sinking blockade. Required Desires did not defend.

Aguia V, 2009-06-20: Rebel Rousers successfully defended against Castigo X and Swindled Souls in a three round sinking blockade. Castigo X dropped out after round 1.

Aguia VI, 2010-02-02: The Brigand King flag Ice Wyrm's Brood successfully defeted Imperius Eruditis in a three round blockade. Imperius Eruditis did not defend.

Aguia VII, 2010-02-14: deutsche kaiserflotte successfully defended against Ice Wyrm's Brood and Seas the Day in a three way three round sinking blockade. Seas the Day dropped out after round 1

Aguia VIII, 2010-03-7: Natural Disaster successfully defeated deutusche kaiserflotte in a 3 round non-sinking blockade. deutsche kaiserflotte dropped out after round 2.

On 2010-08-18, Natural Disaster disbanded and transferred the island to Rumour of War.

On 2010-11-01, Rumour of War transferred the island to Illusion.

Aguia IX, 2010-12-04: Illusion succesfully defended against Swab my deck in a 3 round blockade.

Aguia X, 2010-12-19: Illusion lost the island to Happy Hour (after merge known as Private Party) 3 round blockade. Illusion did not defend.

Aguia XI, 2011-01-16: Happy Hour succesfully defended against the 11 strengt BK The All-Consuming Flame in a 4 round blockade.

Aguia XII, 2011-04-09: Happy Hour lost the island to Illusion in a 3 round blockade.

Aguia XIII, 2011-09-11: Illusion lost the island to Exposed in a 3 round blockade.

Aguia XIV, 2011-09-18: Exposed lost the island to Souls of Freedom in a 3 round blockade. Exposed sent only alt-crewed frigates into the blockade, because they where defending in the Aimuari XXIV cade

Aguia XV, 2011-10-16: Souls of Freedom lost the island to Exposed in a 3 round blockade. Souls of Freedom did not defend.

On 2012-04-24, Exposed transferred the island to Summer Attack.

Aguia XVI, 2012-05-05: Summer Attack lost the island to No Offence Intended in a 3 round blockade. Summer Attack did not defend. No Quarter Given did not seriously contend.

Aguia XVII, 2012-06-16: No Offence Intended lost the island to deutsche kaiserflotte in a 5 round blockade. Unwanted Attention dropped out after round 2. No Offence Intended did not defend. Midknight Sun contended for No Offence Intended during round 4 and won.

Aguia XVIII, 2012-06-23: Deutsche kaiserflotte lost the island to Illuminatti in a 4 round blockade. Deutsche kaiserflotte dropped out after round 3.

Aguia XIX, 2012-07-08: Illuminatti lost the island to Private Party in a 3 round sinking blockade. Private Party dropped from their alliance ring with Illuminatti so they could drop a war chest. Illuminatti did not defend. United Vengeance and Honey Badgers dropped out after round 1.

Aguia XX, 2012-07-29: Private Party successfully defended against United Veganccy in a 4 round non-sinking blockade. United Vengeance dropped out after round 3.

Aguia XXI, 2013-02-02: Private Party did not defend. Qlimax won the island in a 3 round blockade.

Aguia ???, 2014-08-30: Truth or Dare lost the island to The Rebel Syndicate in a 3 round non-sinking blockade. Truth or Dare dropped out after round 1.

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