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Crew Title
Navy Rank

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Big Dilemma
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Intoxicated Rat
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Lil Bredum
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Gas is currently a senior officer of the crew A World Of Fun and member of the flag Allforfun and Funforall on the Sage Ocean. His favorite puzzle is Gunnery and he is homed on Admiral Island. He is also part of the Zombie Hunters Across Sage (ZEST).

His first ship was a sloop named Critical Catfish which was sunk on an Sea Monster Board. His first war brig Hungry Marlin was sunk during a flag war and his first war frigate sunk on a sea monster board.



  • Icon gunnery.png Ultimate Gunning - 2009-06-17 - Eternity Sea Monster Hunt


Gas started his pirate career as alt of Dufric. At that time, he was poor and had only enough money for 5 doubloons. With that money, he had to choose whether to buy a labor badge, or a bravery badge. He chose bravery badge. It was that decision which changed his life as he received money from Atlantis and could continue his pirate career. After Gas became the main of Dufric as the latter was scammed by a pirate called Bourque who pretended to be his captain Grudz, he started to build up his puzzle standing and experience and to restart his pirate career again as the scammer stole all his ships and valuable clothes.

Gas advanced through the ranks of fleet officer in the crew Soldiers Of Sage and as a member of the flag SPIRITS OF SAGE on the Sage Ocean.

After some weeks, Gas left for another crew which was more prosperous and renowned as his former crew was falling. He found the crew Xensity. At that time it was fast-growing and well-known. When the captain, Grudz became dormant, most of the crew members left. Some joined the crew The Sage Raiders. Gas decided to change crew as it was dropping. Another reason for his departure was flag wars. He lost a war brig during a war which the flag promised to return but never did.

He then joined a friend in the crew Mors Tua Vita Mea as a fleet officer. Gas left again due to the same problem faced in the first crew.

He then joined The Sage Raiders under the captaincy of Rumtop who was a senior officer in Xensity. Gas was known for his battles against players at this time. It was a famous crew for some time then started to drop as members became dormant. Although some crews merged with The Sage Raiders, the crew fame still dropped. As Rumtop decided to change flag, he chose Tea and Strumpets. But as a the crew wasn't really active, Gas left The Sage Raiders to seek more adventure.

Gas became a senior officer as he joined The Titans as he was a trusted pirate.

Gas left The Titans after having heard some bad things about the crew. He then joined A World Of Fun to help rebuilt the crew after most of the crew member lefts. After some months, he left the crew as the crew didn't really help each others in pillages and other activities. So he left for Atlantean Explorers.


Gas's fleet currently consists of the following ships:




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