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Dufric was a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He was a fleet officer in the crew Xensity and a member of the flag League of Light on the Sage Ocean. He was homed on Scrimshaw Island.

He owned two sloops, Critical Catfish and Mean Sailfish, a cutter and a dhow. His two pets were a rat named Picsou and a dog named Big Dillema. He owned a distilling stall and managed Pacifit's Ironworking Stall, both located on Scrimshaw Island.

One day a pirate named Bourque pretended to be his captain, Grudz, and that he was hacked. And that he needed Dufric's account to do something in the crew. After several minutes of discussion, Dufric was persuaded that it was his captain. But when Dufric gave Bourque his account information, the latter logged on. Dufric had an alt on and that alt had furniture in the house of Dufric. Then suddenly a furniture from Dufric's cottage returned to his alt's inventory. So Dufric knew he was scammed, he immediately logged back with Dufric. But during the time Bourque and Dufric were logging on on Dufric's account, the scammer had time to give items to his accomplice Sowhatimcool.

Dufric successfully saved his furniture and trinkets but lost his ships (2 sloops, 1 cutter and a dhow), PoE and clothing (including Atlantean clothes). Dufric transferred all of the items saved to his alt account which is now his main account. He told the Ocean Masters to ban the account.

He now plays on the Sage Ocean as Gas.