Forget About It

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Forget About It at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Coatosilver
Senior Officer(s) Blackbody, Driggle, Dustyn, Jerrymax, Mastere, Misskorbut, Regen, Screawn
Politics Autocraticc
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation League of Light
Founded 24 August, 2005
Last updated on 27 August, 2012
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Forget About It is an Emerald Ocean crew. It is led by Driggle and flies the flag of League of Light.


Forget About It was originally founded by Parliament and then handed to Prisoner with Parliament as First Mate in the early days of the Sage Ocean; the crew name is a reference to "gangster" type speech. Many of the Forget About It crewmates were originally in the crew Bloody Blades of Sage. However, Subliminal argued with a number of the officers and SOs, leading Prisoner to start his own crew. He was followed by top puzzlers such as Parliament, Robberbaron, Lethe and Redbeard, who later went to to Captain the crew in Prisoner's dormancy.

Following a brief assessment period, the crew settled upon Go with the Flow as its home, and has settled into its role there well, planning for future Sage domination.

When the crew's captain Prisoner took time off from the game, Redbeard took the role of captain in his absence. With Prisoner's return in early March 2006, Redbeard handed captaincy back so that he could return to playing the game for enjoyment, rather than it being a job.

Prisoner left the crew to form a new crew, Ascendo Tuum under the name of Novo, and founded the flag Quixotic Tangent along with Inanna, Scarymuffin, and a few other prominent pirates. Redbeard took back the captaincy at this point, a position which he held until 15th May 2006, when he announced his retirement from all oceans of Puzzling Piracy. Karlimero was installed as new captain, and the crew joined up with old friends in the League of Light flag.

To bring the crew back up to speed the old recruiting officer Mads was shanghaid and appointed captain with Karlimero as his first mate on 16th May.

The crew was handed back to Redbeard on October 14th 2006 and subsequently moved out of "League of Light". Soon after, Mind Games was created.

Incognito took charge of the crew on January 29th, 2007.

Driggle took over as captain when Incognito retired from piratey life in April of 2007.

On 2006-07-31 Happy Sunshine Brigade merged into Forget About It. (adding River and dormant Phade to their ranks)

On 2006-08-01 Hitchikers of Sage merged into Forget About It.

On 2006-10-14 Forget About It left the flag League of Light

On 2006-10-17 Forget About It joined flag Mind Games

On 2007-01-14 Redbeard started out on a solo career, handing the crew back to Mads once again.

On 2007-01-29 Incognito became captain.

On 2007-02-01 Left Mind Games and joined Black Flag

In April 2007 Driggle took charge and the crew left Black Flag a bit later

On 2007-05-03 Joined the flag Candy Coated Chaos

On 2008-03-02 Driggle stepped down for real life reasons and handed over captaincy to Coatosilver