Emerald island-owning flags

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The following is a list of the flags that currently govern the colonized islands on the Emerald Ocean. There are currently 50 colonized islands in 14 different archipelagoes.

Canis Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Armstrong Island: Private Party
Tumult Island: Private Party
Dodo Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Kakraphoon Island: No Offence Intended
Eagle Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Hubble's Eye: Illusion
Ilha da Aguia: Exposed
Ix Chel: No Quarter Given
Manu Island: Illusion
Gull Archipelago Chart star green.png
Admiral Island: Blades of Sage
Basset Island: Blades of Sage
Cromwell Island: Bakers Union
Isle of Kent: Black Flag
Lincoln Island: Narya
Wensleydale: Narya
Horse Head Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Anegada Island: Good Luck
The Lowland Hundred:
Ibis Archipelago Chart star orange.png
Arakoua Island: Illium Eternae
Barbary Island: No Apologies
Caravanserai Island: No Apologies
Kasidim Island: Olympian Armada
Kiwara Island: Border Patrol
Orion Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Aimuari Island: Exposed
Chachapoya Island: Vilya
Pukru Island: Illuminatti
Quetzal Island: Vilya
Saiph Island: Illuminatti
Osprey Archipelago Chart star navy.png
Albatross Island: Midknight Sun
Ambush Island: Exposed
Gauntlet Island: Twisted Parallax
Pelican Archipelago Chart star grey.png
Blackthorpe Island: No Apologies
Descartes Isle: Narya
Greenwich Island: Narya
Halley Island: Bakers Union
Spaniel Island: Black Flag
Ventress Island: Illium Eternae
Pleiades Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Accompong Island: Vilya
Gallows Island: Total Effin Chaos
Iocane Island: Devastation
Paihia Island: The Swarm
Puffin Archipelago Chart star brown.png
Cryo Island: Shadow Empire
Stork Archipelago Chart star black.png
Amity Island: Nemesis
Bowditch Island: No Apologies
Penobscot Island: The End
Scrimshaw Island: No Offence Intended
Wissahickon Island: Say No More
Tern Archipelago Chart star yellow.png
Ashkelon Arch: Indecision
Kashgar Island: Insanity in Practice
Ursa Archipelago Chart star red.png
Alkaid Island: Blue Ice
Doyle Island: No Apologies
Marlowe Island: Illusion
Sayers Rock: Twisted Parallax

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