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Symonds Says

From YPPedia

Flag.png Arr! This article about a flag in Puzzle Pirates be a stub. Ye can help YPPedia by expanding it.

Symonds Says at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Senga of Hardcore Sea Ravers
Member crew(s) What Rum, Librothers, Ult Naughty Ones, Onepunch, We Give Nightmarez, The Cade Crew, Supremacy, Cor be bovered, Toxic Environment, Atlantean Royal Navy, Toilet Paper Club, The Skeleton Locker, Mercy, Rum's Bum's, Wanderland, Two Pirates One Glass, Syndicate Masters.
Founded 18 April, 2017
Allies Deep Impact, Tell No Tales
Wars Without Warning
Last updated on 13 March, 2020
Favicon.png Flag Info

Symonds Says are a flag on the Emerald Ocean, of Illustrious fame.

Public statement

We are a happy friendly flag, we just want to have fun,

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