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Delores is a senior officer of the crew Stars Catcher and the queen of the flag Blizzard on the Sage Ocean.


Biographical Information

Delores started her pirate life early in 2006 she joined to play cards and quickly became enthralled with the pirate lifestyle.

As with all pirates, Delores jobbed and pillaged with many crews. One day while out on a pillage, she met Sharkiez he was the captain of the crew Storm controller at the time, he invited Delores to join the crew, Delores has remained with Sharkiez and is now a senior officer, Sharkiez has taught Delores how to Swordfight and has encouraged her to participate in the events on the forum.

Delores is very fond of the crew and especially enjoys her time with Sharkiez, he has a wonderful quick wit and is always a pleasure to be with. Delores is never lonely while on the oceans, her many hearties are always quick to request her company on their pillages, this may have something to do with her duty reports, which always reflect a high standard of puzzling.

There are some puzzles that Delores excels at and others she finds more difficult. One day Delores hopes to gain a reasonable standard in Battle Navigation, but alas it eludes her as yet, and she fears that she may never be any good at it. But as Sharkiez once said "winners never quit, quitters never win" so "onward and upward we will give it another go" will be Delores's motto at the moment as she strives to achieve her goals.

When Delores memorized sage ocean, Sharkiez gave a her special gift; the sloop Le Jolli Rouge, which she will treasure always.

For Delores one of the happiest days, was when love did indeed conquer all and Delores and Sharkiez finally married on April 23rd 2008 on Cook Island in the presence of their friends and hearties. The guest list was impressive, Apollo and Hephaestus both came to attend the wedding and great fun was had by all. The wedding was followed by a cruise round Sage’s islands where the guests were able to choose which activity they most wanted to do. Sharkiez and Delores both love to enter the forum contests and to doodle as much as possible so having Apollo (the Doodle god) come to their wedding made it even more magical.

Delores plans for this year include collecting the whole set of spiky coral and to collect as many Brigand King trinkets as possible. She also wants to master the Shipwrightery puzzle and to become ultimate shipwright, as well as get #1 alchemist.


  1. Ultimate bilger, ultimate blacksmith, ultimate alchemist, ultimate carpenter, ultimate swordfighter, ultimate forager, ultimate rumbler ultimate weaver.
  2. 5th place in Unsung Avatars event 2007
  3. Memorized Sage Ocean on November 6, 2007
  4. Defeated Luckysun in a Swordfight December 16, 2007 during the Lucky Dip challenge winning a winter ornament
  5. Won a lily trinket in the December Daily Doodlez 2007
  6. Won Xeitgeist's Egg in the Easter Daily Doodles 2008
  7. Won 4th place in the Happy Hallmark Hoilday contest 2008 where this comment was left "Fourth place and a bouquet of pink roses goes to Delores of Sage. If you're as good with a sword as you are with an exacto knife, I'm sure your enemies fall quickly, with beautiful cuts on their arms and cheeks".
  8. Won a magenta orchid trinket in the December Daily Doodles 2008
  9. Won an Artemis egg in the Ringer baby pictures event in April 2009


  • A monkey familiar called Snickers.
  • A parrot familiar called Candy.
  • A octopus familiar called Bubble.
  • A white/white parrot familiar called Snowflakes.
  • A light blue seahorse familiar called Atlantia.
  • A navy seahorse familiar called Pacifica.
  • A aqua seahorse familiar called Oceana.
  • A white seahorse familiar called Bianca.
  • An atlantean seahorse familiar called Marina.
  • A blue seahorse familiar called Bella.
  • A white/white serpent familiar called Merlin.
  • A indigo/white serpent familiar called Squiggles.
  • A white monkey familiar called Zero.
  • An ice blue/ice blue parrot familiar called Divine.
  • A gold/black parrot familiar called Rogue.
  • A banana/banana parrot familiar called Sparky.
  • A greymonkey familiar called Peace.
  • A parrot familiar called Regalo.
  • A purple octopus familiar called Holly.


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Fleet of renamed vessels

Sloop dock.png
  • Le Jolli Rouge
Sloop dock.png
  • Saucy Seadevil
War frigate dock.png
War frigate
  • Black Manta

Trinket Collections

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