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On Obsidian
  • Was part of the island design team responsible for creating the islands on the Obsidian Ocean
    • Worked with Kingofcards on Bogong Cove (which she named after Mount Bogong in Victoria, Australia)
    • Created Kingfisher Island (which she named after the colorful kingfisher birds)
    • Created Point Petrify (which she named in-keeping with the island's lovely decor)
    • Revamped Alpha Island from the Midnight Ocean (an island that had been originally created by the Puzzle Pirates Gods) to create Loggerhead Island
  • Won a tan/tan parrot from a gold box on the 8th of August, 2017. Adrielle called her new feathered friend 'Hope'.
  • Ran a tailor stall on Port Venture for a short time.
On Meridian

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