Fools Cold

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Fools Cold at a Glance
Ice Ocean
Captain Sprngweather
Senior Officer(s) Angellin, Calamarie, Castawayjoe, Chrisspy, Cire, Coldcharity, Dreidel, Isabellgrace, Penguinpaste, Sariasparrow, Songmuse, Spotty, Stinks, Sweetandi, Ttoonnyy, Valhalla, Whiplash, Yummyyumm
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even (ship restocking = 15%)
Flag Affiliation Zamboni
Founded 27 March, 2009
Last updated on 25 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info

Fools Cold is a relatively new crew on the Ice Ocean.


The crew, 'Fools Cold', was founded on the 27th of March, 2009. Under the captaincy of Cire, this small but friendly crew enjoyed pillaging the Ice Ocean.

Captaincy has since been taken over by Sprngweather. 'Fools Cold' are currently ranked as Sailors of Aspiring fame.

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