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This is a list of storage furniture available. These furniture items may be used to store a pirate's property. Not all storage furniture may be purchased at furnishers.

Inventory storage

These furniture can store items from a pirate's inventory, preventing those items from decaying.

The bar shelf and the conqueror's sword rack are placed on a wall. All the other inventory items here are placed on the floor.


Each of these can store up to 20 clothing items and familiars. As of release 2020-05-27, familiars may no longer be placed in wardrobes.


The gilded and large display cases can each store up to 80 trinkets. The "standard" display case can store up to 40 trinkets.

All other items

Chests (PoE storage)

Chests are floor furniture which provide access to the coffers of a house or of a hold (within a stall, shoppe, fort, palace, or ship). All chests can hold the same (near-infinite) amount of PoE.

The money stored within a chest is available only from within the building or ship in which it is located. That is, chests within different buildings or ships each have their own coffers. However, chests placed into different scenes of the same building or ship provide access to the same pool of PoE.

If a pirate stores PoE in a chest and they reclaim the chest, the money stays in the coffer of the building or ship, not in the chest. The PoE can be retrieved by placing any chest within the building or ship -- the PoE will still be there.

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