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This is a list of shipboard furniture available from furnishers. These furniture items are specifically used to replace a single already-existing item found on a ship -- for example, one gilded small cannon will replace a single normal cannon aboard a sloop. The items must be placed on top of the item they are to replace, and and must face in the same direction. Once placed, they cannot be moved or removed. If a new item replaces an old item, the old item is destroyed forever.

Though they look the same as the ship-board equivalents, cannon and helm props found in shipyards and right-facing forts cannot be replaced by gilded items -- attempting to place them in a non-shipboard scene will instead generate a message reading "ye can't put that here". On the other hand, the cannons on board longships, though they look different, can be replaced by new cannons (though, since the helm is a tiller rather than a wheel, it cannot be replaced).

Figureheads come in three sizes -- narrow, medium, and broad -- which will only fit on a ship with the same size bow structure. Sloops and war brigs take narrow figureheads; cutters, merchant brigs and war frigates take medium figureheads; and merchant galleons and grand frigates take wide figureheads.

Size Ship
Narrow Sloop, war brig
Medium Cutter, merchant brig, war frigate
Broad Merchant galleon, grand frigate

Longships, dhows, baghlahs, xebecs, fanchuans, junks and war galleons lack head structures (they only have small, decorative elements), like their real-world counterparts, so figureheads can not be placed on those ships.


  1. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are limited edition items, and thus will not always be available to purchase.
  2. Items marked with a caret (^) require a design to purchase.
  3. The various "notorious corsair" items require any one trophy for Celebrated reputation in order to be placed.

Note on colors

Shipboard furniture items have no customization options when ordered from a furnisher. However, when placed on a ship, they will adopt that ship's color scheme automatically, with no need for a paint brush or paint - for unpainted ships, this means they will become tan/tan. Once placed, though, they add to the amount of paint required to repaint the ship - this includes scenes on ships which originally had no paintable regions. For example, if a gilded medium cannon is placed in the main hold scene of a merchant brig, the cannon can be painted with the use of a paint brush, even though the scene previously had no paintable regions.

The amount of extra paint required is displayed in the table below.

Item Paintable region
Sideboard Railing
Atlantean helm ? ?
Atlantean large cannon ? ?
Bronze helm ? ?
Bronze large cannon ? ?
Bronze medium cannon ? ?
Bronze small cannon ? ?
Cursed Helm ? ?
Cursed small cannon ? ?
Enlightened figurehead ? ?
Dragon figurehead (broad) ? ?
Dragon figurehead (medium) ? ?
Dragon figurehead (narrow) 0 0
Gilded helm 1 0
Gilded large cannon ? ?
Gilded medium cannon 1 1
Gilded small cannon 1 1
Gryphon figurehead 0 0
Haunted figurehead ? ?
Haunted helm ? ?
Haunted medium cannon ? ?
Mermaid figurehead ? ?
Narwhal figurehead ? ?
Notorious corsair's helm ? ?
Notorious corsair's medium cannon ? ?
Notorious corsair's large cannon ? ?
Notorious corsair's small cannon ? ?
Poseidon figurehead 1 0
Sea serpent figurehead 1 0
Skeletal helm 1 0
Skeletal large cannon 1 1
Skeletal medium cannon ? ?
Skeletal small cannon 1 1
Skelly cap'n figurehead 0 0
Skelly mermaid figurehead 0 0
Triketos figurehead ? ?

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