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Coffers are a place to store Pieces of Eight in a building, or on a ship. They can be thought of as a purse shared between the collection of scenes which together form the location. They are accessed through chests, and holds (which function like permanently placed chests). All chests and/or hold at a location can access the same coffers for that location concurrently.

Coffers on a ship are distinct from the booty chest, which stores a separate pool of PoE. Changes to the coffers will not affect the booty chest, and vice versa.

Accessing coffers

PoE may be deposited into and withdrawn from coffers by those with the correct privileges, via chests and holds. These privileges differ according to location, and are as follows:

Location Can view Can deposit Can withdraw
Unlocked ship Anyone aboard Fleet officers and higher
Locked ship Anyone aboard ship owner
Houses Roommates, owner
Shoppes and stalls Managers, owner
Crew halls Senior officers, captain
Flag halls All royalty, monarch
Other buildings Building owner


Unlike other items that can be stored in furniture, PoE is not stored in visible scene objects like chests or holds themselves, but in the coffers instead. Thus if the only chest in the location is removed or decays (and there is no hold) the PoE will still be accessible when another chest is placed. It also follows that if the building or ship is destroyed or sunk, any PoE contained within the coffers is lost forever.

As with the inventory, Pieces of Eight in the coffers do not vanish or increase over time without external player influence. However, some automated game mechanisms (for example, stall rent collection and booty division on ships) have access to the respective coffers.

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