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Keweney is a Fleet Officer of Dragon's Horde and member of RiddleMakers on the Viridian Ocean. He also likes going on the Sage Ocean.


Crews and Flags

Keweney joined the game in July 2005, being put in Dragon's Nest. His first pirate was Kewene. After just one day, he made his main character, Keweney. When he was a greenie, he was in many crews, but for no more than a week in each one. He joined the crew Pirates of Freedom, becoming a Senior Officer. Then, this crew joined the Flag RiddleMakers. A few months later, the crew changed its name to What in the Seven Seas, and finally merged with Encore. He is former captain of that crew. Due of some internal problems, the crew finally disbanded and Keweney joined All Fer Me Grog, always in RiddleMakers. He stayed some months in this crew, but changed to Dragon's Horde because his crew had gone to another flag.

Contributions and Accomplishments

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On the Sage Ocean

On the Viridian Ocean