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Crew Ranks
Icon captain.png Captain
Icon senior officer.png Senior officer
Icon fleet officer.png Fleet officer
Icon officer.png Officer
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Icon cabin person.png Cabin person
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Senior officer is the second-highest rank a player can have in a crew. Senior officers have all the abilities of fleet officers. They can also assign rank (up to fleet officer) without requiring the captain to approve in autocratic crews, and vote on issues in oligarchic crews. Unlike lower ranking members of the crew, senior officers and the captain can expel or demote anyone of lower rank (that person must first be demoted to cabin person for a senior officer to be able to expel them). On doubloon oceans a player can not use the abilities of the rank unless they have purchased the appropriate badge (Senior Officer or above). On subscription oceans, a player can not use the abilities of the rank unless their subscription is active.

Depending on a crew's booty shares, senior officers may receive a different share than those of other ranks during booty division.

The requirements for promotion to senior officer differ with each crew. The rank is generally given after a long period of officership, during which they show considerable loyalty to the crew, recruit several new players to the crew, and show good leadership qualities.

Senior officers are recognized as leaders of their crew, often acting as interim captain when the captain is away. They are often considered the first mates of a crew.

Historical notes

The rank of senior officer was introduced with Beta release 2003-08-19.