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In his longest position, Yaten has served as fleet officer and cartographer of Black Lightning on the Midnight Ocean, which he still considers his home. He has also spent considerable time as senior officer and cartographer of the crew Serve no Porpoise of the flag Valor on the Cobalt Ocean. In addition to helping found Valor, he is perhaps most prominently a prolific memorizer, having fully memorized seven oceans.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Memorized all of the English-speaking oceans (Midnight, Cobalt, Ice, Sage, Malachite, Hunter, and Viridian, in that order)
  • YPPedia administrator.
  • Current owner of the monkey "Grey." After tying for first place in Shuranthae's runoff event for his pink and lime parrot, Grey was given to Yaten until either he or Shuranthae wins another permanent familiar on Midnight.
  • One of two players to govern Cold Spring Island before the Ice Ocean's first wipe.
  • Former prince of Of Convenience.


Yaten washed up on the shores of Epsilon Island in April 2004. He had played previously under two alternate characters, one of whom became the first greenie cabin person for The Bluenoser's. Yaten became a cabin person in the Annihilating Accipiters. Together with The Bluenoser's, the Accipiters created Of Convenience on April 30, 2004.

Eager to learn and active in flag politics, Yaten was quickly promoted to officer status. After winning 75,000 PoE in a secondary contest during Whitefire's 24-hour pillage, Yaten tried his hand at shoppekeeping, opening a shipyard stall on Spring Island, which became his new home. The stall's first ship (which he subsequently bought), the Childish Sardine, was built in July 2004. At the time, he became the first non-royal in Of Convenience to own a stall. He was promoted to prince in early September.

A few days after graduating from officer training, Yaten acquired a training chart around Oyster Island from a random greenie trade. Curious about the otherwise unknown points, he memorized the chart soon after receiving it. He found great enjoyment and pride in memorization, and he spent the next few months dedicating most of his free time to memorizing the ocean. Finished by mid–September, his knowledge proved to be quite useful. After a free charting service for Mercenary Squadron landed him on a six-person pillage with Robertdonald, Yaten worked to improve his own battle navigation. Soon Yaten began leading "blood hunt" pillages through the Ruby Archipelago himself on his flagship, The Codfather.

Yaten's new-found aptitude at battle navigation afforded him several opportunities to navigate in blockades. Of Convenience's strong alliance network at the time allowed him to navigate in around five blockades before the year ended. 2005 brought political turmoil to Of Convenience. Having personally provided a large percentage of the PoE required to purchase Tinga Island, Yaten did his best to keep the island in his flag's hands. However, Of Convenience was defeated at Tinga IV. By mid–January, the flag collapsed. Torn between continuing in a new flag with old mates or joining an already-networked flag, he chose to take a semi-active role in Fandango Familiars and try his luck on the "new ocean."

Yaten founded his first Cobaltian crew—Calm Wake—on February 20, 2005. A week later, Calm Wake was disbanded and Serve no Porpoise was created. Making it clear from the crew and Valor's start that he would not be a permanently active Cobaltian, Yaten left Valor in April to follow the charts and his quest to memorize Cobalt. He remained a fleet officer in The Occifer's Club until July 2005, when he rejoined Serve no Porpoise. He completed memorization of Cobalt on August 9, 2005.

On Midnight, Yaten stayed with Notorious Fandango until early May 2005, when he joined Black Lightning. Excepting Fandango blockades, he played full-time on Cobalt between May and August. During this time, he took an active role in expanding the unofficial Puzzle Pirates wiki. When the wiki migrated to its official location, he became one of the first player administrators. Barely resting after finishing memorization of Cobalt, Yaten founded a Sage Ocean crew for YPPedia editors and ocean explorers on August 20, 2005—Bedrolls and Old crates. The rather unusual name derives from Yaten's early furniture collection on the crew's first sloop[1]. After the Sage Ocean was completely mapped on September 6, Yaten swooped under the radar for about a month. On October 16, he became the first player to memorize the Ice Ocean. He followed this achievement by completing memorization of Sage on November 19.

2006 began with a period of inactivity for Yaten's character on all oceans. Due to real-life responsibilites, Yaten decided to discontinue his subscription in the spring. In the summer of 2008, he memorized his fifth and sixth oceans, Malachite and Hunter. In the winter of 2009, he completed memorization of Viridian.

Today, Yaten is content with semi-retirement. While still an active YPPedian and forum watcher, he is rarely found in-game.

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