Serve no Porpoise

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Serve no Porpoise at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Spongebob
Senior Officer(s) Bearymelon, Bloodyz, Cottontail, Silverglass-West, Yaten-West
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Static Before the Storm
Founded 27 February, 2005
dormant as of 13 March, 2012
Crews-Serve no Porpoise.jpg

Serve no Porpoise is a crew that sails the Cobalt Ocean. The crew currently pillages with the flag of Forever Untamed.


Serve no Porpoise was founded in the early days of Cobalt on 27 February, 2005 and along with the crew Athame was a founding crew of the flag Valor also on 27 February, 2005. In relation, Serve no Porpoise was the co founder.

Most of its senior members were previously in the flag Of Convenience on Midnight, and joined the Cobalt Ocean after Of Convenience blockaded, then failed to defend, Tinga. Of Convenience collapsed as a flag as a result, and a number of mates drifted around in different crews before making the jump to Cobalt.

The crew retained the 2 oldest pirates of the crew/flag. Spongebob has worked his way up to becoming captain and royal of the flag and Bloodyz has become second in command. The crew gained a small number of skilled pirates and officers from other sources (other ex-Midnighters, or mates new to the game on Cobalt).

On 10 September, 2009 Serve no Porpoise joined the flag Forever Untamed and with their help they successfully took over Tigerleaf Mountain.

Public Statement

Ignorant landlubbers be askin': What does "Serve No Porpoise" mean? There are many answers:

  1. Proud freedom: we are beholden to no marine animal.
  2. Stern admonition: do not do the will of dolphin substitutes.
  3. Lackadaisical misspelling: this crew is not monomaniacally focused on one goal.

Or it could just be that we're not a entirely serious crew, who just want to have fun in every part of the game. Who knows?

Crew Titles

While most titles are given out at a whim, the following have specific meanings:

  • Bait: this pirate is an alt.
  • Lookout: the pirate mostly plays on another ocean.
  • Midshipman: the officer in question is in training.