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Piratical Autobiography

Jezabella washed up on the shore of Cnossos Island, in the Diamond Archipelago of the Midnight Ocean, on Easter weekend 2004. Her first piratey experience was a 48 hour War frigate pillage with the (now no longer active) crew Crimson Tyrants and she was recruited to the crew by Stevedave on the self same pillage. Quick to find her sea-legs Jezabella rose rapidly through the ranks to become a senior officer in a relatively short time and was known to lead many a pillage to recruit new mates to the crew. Jezabella also showed interest in the economic side of the pirate life and became a manager at all crew owned business operations.

Almost a year later after a stint as Captain of the crew and increasing feelings of dissatisfaction Jezabella left the Crimson Tyrants to join the recently formed Fandango Familiars where she is now a senior officer and remains to this day.

Jezabella's interest in the economic puzzle has not abated and she currently owns:

All four of these shoppes are located on Cnossos Island in the Midnight Ocean

Jezabella is also one of the cadre of ocean designers and a winner of the original 'Design the Oceans' contest [1]. She created Prolix Purlieu and Nova Island on both Cobalt and Viridian and Basset Island on Sage.

To Do List

  1. Add Midnight History for Crimson Tyrants and Sailors of Fortune
  2. Add Counted Cross Styx info
  3. Add Contracting Iris info
  4. Add Homer Depot info
  5. Flesh out Fandango Familiars page
  6. Die Seewolfe - add crew info box

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