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United Corsairs (flag)

From YPPedia

United Corsairs at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Crucible of Roses Of Sharayn
Member crew(s) Roses Of Sharayn, Bloody kraken
Dormant or disbanded as of 3 June, 2007
Favicon.png Flag Info

United Corsairs was a flag on the Viridian Ocean.


United Corsairs was formed by Caruut, Lifetakerman, Safir, Blackpearlz and Devlina on October 15th 2006, after their crew, Roses Of Sharayn broke away from their long-time flag, New World Order. All the founders were royals, with the captain, Lifetakerman as monarch. Two other ex-New World Order crew joined, Timmer's Insomnia, and Huricane and Trynn's Firestorm Legends. Timmer was made royalty and Huricane and Trynn titled, along with a few members of the other crews.

Safir gave up royalty after a while, and Blackpearlz left the game. The flag was largely uneventful for a while, until Firestorm Legends called time on the crew and merged into Insomnia. Shortly after this Lifetakerman went into dormancy. Devlina took the position of monarch. She left the crew and flag shortly after this, and Lifetakerman's replacement as captain, Caruut stepped up to monarch. Caruut and Timmer were now the only royals, and made Lilartist of Insomnia royalty. Lifetakerman and Devlina returned. Insomnia left the flag to create Silent Death, and Caruut left to join Polish War Fog.

After a few weeks Caruut returned, along with Crucible. Familyjewels, an old crew member returned, him, Crucible and Caruut were made royalty. Shortly afterwards Lifetakerman went dormant again, and Devlina was queen. She held to position for a couple of weeks before leaving to join a crew in Silent Death and handing over to Crucible. Crucible made Crystaldonut, Lifeytakerman's replacement as captain royal, along with Safir. Shortly after this period of change, the number of alliances was slimmed dramatically.

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