Tick Tock

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Tick Tock at a Glance
Obsidian Ocean
Captain Solitude
Senior Officer(s) Cptngmp, Chiaki, Eon, Faewen, Frink, Hisoka, Meaneel, Sloopdog, Smitey, Zeus
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Felix Culpa
Faction Icon-faction-shadow fleet.png Shadow Fleet
Founded 2 September, 2018
Last updated on 7 April, 2019
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Tick Tock is a crew that sails the Obsidian Ocean, The crew currently flies the flag of Felix Culpa.

The crew is known for its strong puzzlers, participating in Ocean Master events and no Cudi policy.

Public statement

Nor crown nor coin can halt time's flight, or stay the armies of the night. King and villain, lad and lass, all answer to the hour glass.

History and founding

“There's a click before the strike. Listen to the clock.“

Tick Tock

September 2nd, AD

The official founding date sealed in the crew transcripts, but to many officers, cabin boys, lieutenants and profiteers of Tick Tock, this was a crew in the making far prior to that date. Perhaps the slither of an idea, but it was finalised amongst the discarded rum bottles and candlelit rooms of pirate hangout the Hanging Man Inn, a discreet hideaway on the shore of Night Harbour.

In attendance was Solitude, long dissatisfied and weary of his former crew The Midnight Society helmed by the ethereal Ush, her First Mate, he’d been crew-less since his departure. But with wanderlust he’d longed for the salty air of the waves once more, across from him sat the already too far gone boozehound Sloopdog, a marvel of numbers and figures but also a relapsing alcoholic.

Growth was never on the agenda, just a banner to fly under. A crew to call their own and if like-minded individuals joined up then all the better, if not they could spin. Long stifled by the chafing decision making of a large already settled crew, it was time for another route.

"Scupper compromise, go for the throat.”

Article 5, section 2.

Dekobe was another signatory and founding member of the crew, rumoured to be one of the many bastard born children of infamous swordsman Jonthecarper, she had his skin tone, terrible dress sense and his eloquent riposte with blade in hand.

Marking their mark, on the rum soaked parchment, Sloopdog slurred “A name; we need a name...” At which point Dekobe had been showboating and had pierced a pocket watch with her dagger from a good thirty feet, and for a tiny breathless moment the entire bar fell silent, time frozen to a halt as the hands twitched one final time. Tick Tock...

Mercenary Life

“Looters become looted, while time and tide make us mercenaries all.”

A short chapter in Tock Tock’s time on the ocean. Approaches to join flags had been made, but unbeknownst. Commitments had already been made to the fledgeling idea that was Felix Culpa, but that’s for further on.

Wintertide had tried at first, but in the end Discriminate's approach was successful, highly connected Emerald Ocean royal and just recently granted a reprieve from Hera’s noose. He’d come with a chest of gold and a contract. Join up with Clap Back, contribute towards the fame and walk away with some gold jingling in your pockets. A no brainer.

Tick Tock did the job, along with fresh recruits Faewen and former TMS stalwart and resident kink fiend Meaneel, choosing to remain past the completion date and participating in the successful taking of Anole Garden defeating Primordial Raiders in the process.

Departing amicably and with the hopes the bonds built would go some way to helping the new path they’d tread.

Coming full circle, Felix Culpa days

“Sometimes, when the monsters come, you need a dark, monstrous thing to pit against them.”

Soon after Solitude and Sloop’s departure from TMS, an apparent exodus occurred with Senior Officers Leetage, Meaneel, Moogle, all taking their leave also the first of which reached out and the firewood of Felix Culpa began being piled.

This was pre-Clap Back, and Leetage was clandestinely manoeuvring to unite former friends and enemies in Sovereignty and Callmecudi, with some hesitancy Tick Tock, listened as it was laid out. As all had formerly been under the banner of Blame Brenda which had at one point made Sovereignty and Cudi person non-Grata. How could the failings of the past be mended and new unity come around?

Leetage was the thread that loosely tied them all in the beginning, hence his eventual role as Monarch, slowly pieces were put in place and funds were accrued, Tick Tock had since grown acquiring such talents as dynamic duo Smitey and Kitty, Cptngmp another Blame Brenda veteran joining.

Smitey became a one-person recruiting machine and Eon, Lucatiel, Frink and Skylar all followed, Hisoka another TMS connection laid his cap with the crew too.

December 3rd was when they finally submitted quill to parchment and joined Felix Culpa.

As of now Tick Tock remains a participating member of the flag and has no aspirations to move on.

Notable events

No #1 puzzlers

Tick Tock in its short time has had some illustrious company as members, with many ultimates and covering #1 in almost every puzzle within the game. As well as winning numerous OM events

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  • Sails -
  • Rigs - Smitey
  • Carp - Gratte
  • Patch - Smitey
  • Bilge - Smitey, Skylar
  • Guns - Hisoka
  • Treasure Haul - Meaneel, Skylar, Solitude, Iaxal, Smitey
  • Navigation - Gratte, Smitey
  • Battle Navigation - Meaneel, Solitude
  • Sword fighting - Dekobe, Study, Smitey
  • Rumble - Frink, Skylar
  • Drinking - Kittykitty, Smitey, Study
  • Hearts - Hisoka, Kitty
  • Spades - Kitty
  • Treasure Drop - Hisoka, Magnificence, Smitey,
  • Poker - Hisoka, Smitey
  • Distilling -
  • Alchemistry - Hisoka
  • Shipwrightery -
  • Blacksmithing -
  • Forage -
  • Weaving - Hisoka

Event winners

  • Frink - Rumble tourney - Green octopus
  • Solitude - In Full Flight - Bluegrey/tan parrot (Sword fighting)
  • Solitude - Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018
  • Smitey - Love Potion n9 - Colored monkey (Drinking)
  • Magnificence Treasure Drop familiar - Green/blue parrot