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Callmecudi is a senior officer in the crew Positive Penguins and a member of the flag Amateur Hour on the Obsidian Ocean.


Callmecudi is Betty's former husband. Cudi could not even be tamed by her. They look back at the marriage with no regrets. A wonderful time together took a sad turn, unfortunately... Some people say Cudi is still looking for a asian kpop artist.

Familiars owned

Callmecudi, with the combined effort from Margaroo, are currently collecting different familiars on Obsidian.


Monkey-rose.png Monkey-crimson.png

Octopus-blue grey.png Octopus-plum.png

Parrot-spring green-emerald.png Parrot-purple-wine.png Parrot-ice blue-rose.png

Dragon-green-red.png Dragon-blue grey-blue grey.pngDragon-purple-plum.png

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