Obsidian Swordfighting League

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Obsidian Swordfighting League

Before automated tournaments existed in-game, groups of players would create their own unique competitions, some of which - like Midnight Ocean’s Black Death Tournaments - even went on to become annual events. And who could ever forget the Olympic Champions League (OCL) tournaments run by the glorious Apollo.

Sadly, YPP doesn’t have the luxury of an Apollo-like figure anymore, so we as an ocean are left once again to our own devices. Inspired by the past, and in attempt to bring back the missing drama and desire that tournaments bring as a whole, a group of us Obsidian pirates took a page from our predecessors in May of 2018 and created an event of our own. Incorporating what we felt were the best aspects of both the Black Death and OCL tournaments we created the first, of what we hoped would be many, annual tournaments called the Obsidian Swordfighters League (or OSL Tournament). From season 3 onwards, the tournament was renamed as the Oceanic Swordfighting League.

The rules of the OSL were as follows:

  1. To qualify for the League, each participant had to have at least Solid or above experience in the swordfighting puzzle and either have received an invite or had to win 3 out of 5 back-to-back matches against the designated Blademaster for that year (receiving a specifically inscribed trinket as proof of an earned seat in the league).
  2. Once a player received their invite, or earned their seat, each pirate was then allotted two weeks to challenge every other League member (see "Tournament links" below for the complete member list) to a "Best Of 5" set of sword fights. 1 point was awarded for each match won, and the winner of the entire set itself was awarded an additional 1 point.
  3. A two week time frame was allotted to all League members for the completion of all of their sets. Anyone found to have not properly made themselves available during that time was considered to have forfeit the entire set, and the opponent was awarded three points for the forfeit.
  4. All entrants choosing to use a falchion were required to use either a green/green reversed, or a red/yellow non-reversed. This was to prevent gamesmanship oft-used where pirates would swap swords after one match with their opponent. Falchions were the only swords that had designated colors and were not allowed to be swapped; all other swords were unregulated. Pre-made falchions with these specific color patterns were also offered on loan by any TMS senior officer who was asked, in the case that a pirate was unable to access one him/herself.
  5. All members were also required to record their matches against their league opponent, and upload those recordings to a specified Google Drive. Failing to provide those recordings constituted a forfeit for the League member.
  6. Once each member fought every other pirate in the League, the members with the top ten highest points totals then advanced to a seeded tournament format.

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