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The part of the text mentioning Familyjewels and Caruut becoming SOs has Familyjewels spelt as Famillyjewels. Familyjewels also became SO shorty before Syth left, not when Lifetakerman became Captain. Caruut 28 August 2006

The History should be deleted becouse there are people saying that it's not correct. We should not let people read wrong stuff. Could we leave it blank fer a while?
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Problem is that Syth is shown as a bad guy which he isn't. I'm not sure how to fix his image.

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New History

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The Roses of Sharayn were started in the year 2006, January 18th by Knifeywifey. The crew grew strong and soon they had their own flag New World Order. It was a crew opened to everyone that wanted to join. As Knifeywifey left the Captain's position during some period of time, Syth took over. As the crew grew there were more and more problems. Sometimes it was too hard to handle them and Syth left the crew occasionally, to take a break from the hectic captaincy. The crew politics dropped from Autocratic to Oligarchic.

With the crew politics at Oligarchic and 13 Senior Officers noticed they had too much Senior Officers and that gets the crew votings down. Deciding to take action to make the crew more efficeint he begun demoting many of the Senior Officers. After that tense time there were left only five Senior Officers: Safir, Lifetakerman, Neone, Bisonboband Fannyslap. The crew started rumours of mutiny.

There was no true mutiny in the crew however. Most of the demoted SOs stayed because of the friendly and warm suroundings of the crew's chatty envoironment. And they realised the difficult situation that Syth had been in However, most of the crew were displeased when Syth decided to leave New World Order all of a sudden. His reasons were disorder and chaos in the flag. The crew was with the flag New Caledonia for a while.

Some of the old SOs had decided they wanted more power in a crew, and without the flahg to keep them they left to become Senior Officers in other crews, some of them went to be Captain's of their own. Eventually, they still keep coming back to the Roses of Sharayn, If not for full membership, for jobbing at least.

Safir and Fannyslap stood up, because they wanted back in the flag family. Syth didn't have any other choice than to agree. Jolly times came soon afterwards when the crew was back in New World Order with the invitation of Warbaby, the new Monarch. All the old Senior Officers were gone. Fannyslap left the crew for her own reasons, Neone was demoted for not being online most of the time, Bisonbob was gone on his four month holidays and he was demoted to not get the votings down. Only Safir remained. Familyjewels was made Senior Officer, as Syth felt only 2 SOs was not enough.

Syth left the crew in June 24th, 2006 and created the crew Fear Itself. Lifetakerman became the Captain of the Roses Of Sharayn. With him came the Senior Officer Caruut.

After Warbaby left Scourages of The Seven Seas, Ivanovsky became the Captain of it. He didn’t want the responsibility that being Captain meant and did a merge to the Roses Of Sharayn and became a Senior Officer. This was the greatest merge making Roses Of Sharayn have almost 200 members.

The Roses of Sharayn were made Autocratic in order to make things easier. However, the SOs still have the final say. When Warbaby remade Scourges of The Seven Seas, this time under the name Scourges of Seven Seas Ivanovsky left the roses to join what he felt was his home again. Many other good officers and pirates left with Ivanovsky to go back to the Scourges.

Lifetakerman went dormant and the Senior Officers decided to promote Lsr, Blackpearlz and Devlina to be new Senior Officers. at a meeting a few days later, Lsr was voted to Captsain, because of his excellent PvP and Battle Nav records.

Caruut - 10th September 2006