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Ivanovsky is senior officer of the crew Scourges of Seven Seas. He sails the Viridian Ocean.


Ivanovsky started playing Puzzle Pirates on the Viridian Ocean because of his real life friends Warbaby, Ltseppe, Royco, and Ljnjord. Thanks to his friends, he went up the ranks of Mutiny, the first crew he joined, and became fleet officer. After a while Warbaby made a new crew called Scourges of Seven Seas and he joined it as a fellow senior officer at the side of Warbaby, Ltseppe, and Royco. Scourges joined the flag New World Order.

After some time Warbaby, Ltseppe, and Royco left the crew to get a bigger view of the Ocean and Ivanovsky found himself to be captain of Scourges. He didn't see himself fit yet to be a captain and merged Scourges into Roses Of Sharayn, a fellow crew in the flag. There he became senior officer and a prince of New World Order. Warbaby contacted him after a few months to restart Scourges and so he did, he left his royal position to become senior officer in his crew Scourges once again.

After Warbaby, Ltseppe and Royco quitting the game, he found himself to be captain of Scourges of Seven Seas and pulled his crew out of NWO. He then joined Esaidra's flag called Dragon Lords were he became royal after a few days. Scourges keep on surviving but takes it slow, these days it is simply used as a haven for friends to parlour and pvp or do some sinking from time to time.

After this he decided Scourges weren't needed anymore and he merged Scourges into Moedefoe's crew Zui Quan, spending his days parlouring and helping people when needed to nav or XO for them.


( bought an aqua/tan parrot called exodus, from Legolars, which he resold to Horoz )