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Stain Drinking Strategy

From YPPedia

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The Stain drinking strategy focuses mainly on controlling and keeping your stains. It can closely resemble both aggressive or denial depending on your circumstances


Focus early on placing high value pieces on unstained squares. As the game goes on, attempt to collect the stains of your opponent. Use denial tactics to prevent your opponent from collecting stains. If no opponent or unstained pieces are available, place a piece on one of your own stained pieces to protect your stain bonus.

Using Stain Tactics

The stein is the best mug for stain tactics, however it can be an important strategy to use when behind in the score with any mug. Generally controlling stains can be of more value to you than completing lines, especially stained lines. When playing against skull mugs, it can be beneficial to force them to use hooks or drink kegs in long matches. It can also be in your best benefit to force your opponent to use multiple fries to clear lines.

Against Stain Tactics

When going against Stain tactics, keep the pressure on by completing lines. When your opponent completes their lines, immediately begin to take their stains. In some instances it might be beneficial to clear a line for your opponent in order to start eating the stains in their line.

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