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Fry Drinking Strategy

From YPPedia

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Fry drinking strategy forces the game to hinge on relatively few pieces which reward extra moves, while otherwise playing normally.



While most of the other mugs reward you for doing something productive in the game (such as winning rows or playing pieces on the board), the Skull rewards you for playing three specific pieces:

  • Fries
  • Keg
  • Hook

These pieces are already strategically valuable enough even without the skull that it is often worth playing them over a higher-scoring piece (for example, those familiar with Denial love and loathe fries, depending on who has them), and thus, in a way, the skull rewards you for being lucky, magnifying your luck.

Using Skull Cup

Use the Fries, Keg, and Hook whenever possible, as it gains you a free move (similar to if your opponent passed out). Drink or place the piece as desired in accordance with your personal strategy otherwise.

Against Skull Cup

Use the Fries, Keg, and Hook whenever possible in order to deny your opponent these potent free plays. Use these pieces in accordance with your own personal strategy otherwise: whether drunken or placed, as long as you use them, it is one less weapon your opponent can use against you.


When these pieces are not available, the Skull is strictly worse than a wooden cup, meaning that during the majority of gameplay, the gameplay is unchanged or in the distinct advantage of the other player if that player has any other mug than another Skull Cup. Consult the Drinking table for proper strategies against wooden cups in order to be able to play appropriately and be able to flawlessly shift from your normal strategy to picking up the special Fry strategy items when they appear.

Drinking Drinking
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