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Aggressive drinking strategy

From YPPedia

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The aggressive drinking strategy focuses mainly on controlling and finishing lines to gain points quickly while the finished lines remove pieces from the opponent's lines.


Start out by completing lines as quickly as possible while attempting to block the opponent's lines simultaneously, but the emphasis is on finishing as many lines as you can before your opponent can. Blocking while completing lines is essential if you don't want to be overrun by skull or horn mugs. Best used with steins and goblets because the bonuses provided by these cups are constant and the skull, horn, and chalice are the aggressive player's worst enemy with their ability to take more than one turn (the skull more so than the horn) and the blocking ability of the chalice.

Using Aggressive Tactics

The best mugs for aggressive players are the stein and the goblet because of their ability to award extra points constantly through the game. If you are able to go first against any cup you can try to gain control of both lines that stem from the first wild only if you feel that you are lucky enough to force them to abandon either line. From then on focus on building line that prevent the opponent from completing theirs but losing a line against them isn't the end of the world. When playing against skull mugs, prevent them from gaining the extra turn and use all fries, kegs, and hooks immediately.

Against Aggressive Tactics

When going against aggressive tactics, use of hooks and blocking complicate an aggressive players game immensely. A chalice causes havoc and the extra turns that a skull or horn mug get make controlling a line much more difficult for the aggressive player if it isn't stolen completely. Playing fries against an aggressive player is necessary because kegs allow many a great deal of points to be accumulated quickly, fries make blocking obsolete, and hooks remove blocking pieces.

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