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  • Basic labor (8)
  • Skilled labor (8)
  • Expert labor (8)
Doubloon cost: 3
Decay rate: 60 days

The flagon is one of ten mugs used in the Drinking puzzle.

The flagon gives the user 50% more points for completed rows. This means on normal rows completed on an unstained square the player will receive 300 points. This mug is usable by anyone, but is more expensive than the goblet making it a less likely choice for new players.

The flagon is an aggressive mug. A player who uses the flagon's main goal will be to complete rows, especially if those rows contain a cask piece. One cask will give the player 450 points upon row completion! Since no other bonuses are obtained from using the mug, playing defensively or attacking opponents' stains are not viable paths to victory.

The flagon gains no advantage from playing games that are less than the standard 1500 points, but a small disadvantage might make itself present on higher-point games if both players come to an impasse and must drink their pieces. A flagon will have more potency with a smaller variety of pieces (4 color/shape) due to the fact that completing rows will be much easier. The flagon is not strong against any particular mug, but that does not mean it is not potent. The flagon is weak against the chalice due to its ability to easily block off rows.

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