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Infiltrator Drinking Strategy

From YPPedia

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Infiltrator strategy involves knowing two things about the game:

  1. Losing rows isn't always avoidable.
  2. Winning rows ain't always a picnic either.

The Tankard, being an event amplifier mug, takes advantage of both these things, often snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as the tankard is one of the few items where its owner can win if its opponent completes the wrong row that happens to provide enough points.

The Tankard is a mid-priced mug of advanced difficulty; it's recommended to already be ranked Grand-Master or better before attempting to use this mug, due to the general skill level needed to further amplify this mug's power.

Play Mechanics

The Tankard provides 50 points to a player if the opponent completes a row with that player's pieces in it (provided the player didn't win the row).

What's it mean? Pieces placed in a row your opponent happens to win no longer end up 'wasted'; they're converted into precious, precious points.

What good is 150 points per row, maximum? Rows are only awarded in multiples of 50 points, not including gained stains, for a maximum of 600 points and a minimum of 100. Usually it's anywhere from 200 to 100 points gained. That means that every row your opponent gets has a minimal gain for them, allowing you to catch up that much quicker. Better yet, it's common to have your opponent claim a 100-point row while you earn 150 points off of captured pieces; winning the row actually hurts your opponent in this case!


Play the most valuable pieces wherever you can. Obviously build your rows like you would any other mug, but now you don't have to worry as much about wasting pieces on contended rows!

Don't forget to play to combat other mug's strengths. As an event amplifier mug (because the Tankard's effect only occurs when your opponent wins rows), you need to be wary of game constant mugs whose effects occur throughout the game.


As an event amplifier, beware of the game constant mugs (Goblets and Steins) and find appropriate ways to combat their point gains.

Deal with Horns ruthlessly; Now that you have at least a token gain from losing rows, cut their advantage off as viciously as possible. Since both mugs deal with rows, you might need a special strategy for them.

Practice with wooden cups before switching to Tankard; brushing up on the common defences and tricks is a must when you can only depend on the mug to do so much.

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