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Short Drinking Strategy

From YPPedia

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The short drinking strategy relies mainly on getting the most points per piece, per row. This strategy is best used when playing games up to a limit of 2000 as the higher the points the less chance for success. Similar to the aggressive style it still has a few key differences.


To start out if you have first move placement of the first chips should be in a corner or bordering an edge. This is to keep your opponent from branching out with their own row allowing you to quickly topple any possible row for them early in. The short strategy is to focus on completing your rows and taking high point cups when available. This style of drinking does not have a defence as the user is focused solely on their own points and rows. The best mugs for this style are the stein, the goblet, and the chalice. When using the chalice you should keep your rows out and away from any congested spots and taking all high point pieces your opponent may have missed. To succeed with this strategy the player must be willing to sacrifice a defensive move for a single piece or row.

Using Short Tactics

The best mugs for short players are the Stein, Goblet, and Chalice. Though these mugs are ideal for this type of strategy it all depends on the score you are aiming for. The Chalice will work better in the higher end matches going up to 2000, due to its standard point loss versus stain loss, where the Goblet and the Stein will be best in matches going up to 1500 as their bonuses lead to extra points that will often give a player the win. The only mugs effective in stopping short tactics are the Horn, the Chalice, and the Pitcher. The horn when left unchecked allows the opposition free moves in this style as defence is not focused on. The pitcher tends to drink high end pieces that can also cripple a short players rows and points. The chalice can stop a short drinker by simply blocking his/her rows with high point pieces also hurting chances of rushing to the matches limit.

Against Short Tactics

When playing against Short tactics, a defensive style of play will most times end all chances of victory for the short player. Proper piece placement is a must, noting when to take the high end cups and when to block in rows. Another short tactic player can also bring upon a painful time as both players are rushing ignoring each other most times almost completely. The Chalice is a good mug for stopping a short player as they focus on blocking and often force the short tactics user into waiting solely on a fry. The pitcher is an ideal mug to use if you focus on point deduction via stains and drink all high end cups that the short tactics user is planning on playing.

Drinking Drinking
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