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  • Basic labor (5)
  • Skilled labor (3)
  • Expert labor (2)
Doubloon cost: 0
Decay rate: 60 days

The goblet is one of ten mugs used in the Drinking puzzle.

A player using the goblet gets a flat bonus of 10 points per piece played, whether that be putting it on the board, or 'drinking' it. The goblet can be used by anyone, and is the cheapest mug available, making it a normal first mug for new players.

Since the goblet's power is so lacklustre, this causes many players to believe it is a weak mug, completely overshadowed by the stein. While the stein does gain a relative five points for most moves, and fifteen points for most early game moves, this does not include when the player drinks a piece. Since most pieces are played onto the board and not drunk this may not make a large difference, but it makes drinking a higher-valued piece much more attractive to the goblet, since the stein receives no additional stain bonus.

The goblet gains more of an advantage the higher the point target is set to. The more total moves the goblet player makes, the greater total amount of bonus points they will receive. Additionally, longer games have a higher tendency to put the match at a stalemate, with both players drinking their pieces, where the goblet will have the advantage over every mug other than the pitcher. A goblet will have more potency with a larger variety of pieces (6 color/shape) due to the fact that more pieces makes it more likely there will be no legal moves on the board, thus forcing players to drink their pieces. The goblet is not strong or weak against any particular mug, due to the fact that it requires no specific strategy to be effective.

Drinking Drinking
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