Rogue OM Squad 13.77: Drawn by Fate

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Color Key

Names in purple were lynched but innocent
Names in orange were banned by Rogue OMs
Names in green are confirmed Rogue OMs
Names in blue left, for any other reason, and were replaced by other players
Names in brown left, for whatever reason, without replacement
Names in red were neutral players


Remaining Players (13): anchovygirl, Bunnylaroo, DementedDuck, Hazarath, Lotsofgoats, Marinated, master2482, poppopmimi, Quitex, randomact, SeastarX, TheRack, Yasmi6

Lynched Players (6): Justinmickey, elfeesh, Vantastic, Lyaka, Clasalle, Jolyma

Banned Players (9): taelac, Prosperity, rissarissa13, Setsusa, Searmin, Talisker, Luvessy, riku743, Furare

Killed players (2): ghadhean, Aethera

Removed/Resigned Players (7): Reddress replaced by SeastarX, celiatr replaced by Bunnylaroo, Cnuofesd inactive, Pzaragosa inactive, Disgraced inactive, PhoenyxStar resigned, smileo resigned

Game Over - Town Wins

Round 9: No Lynch, Furare banned, Aethera killed!

Deadline: Sunday 18th March 06:30 Game Time

Lynch votes needed for a majority lynch: 12. Votes needed for straight lynch: 8.

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Marinated Bunnylaroo, Yasmi6, anchovygirl 3 Hazarath
Yasmi6 randomact, master2482 2
TheRack SeastarX, Hazarath 2 Furare, Marinated
DementedDuck Quitex 1
SeastarX Lotsofgoats 1
anchovygirl 0 Marinated
master2482 0 anchovygirl
Lynch Votes Quitex, Bunnylaroo, Lotsofgoats, randomact, Hazarath, master2482, SeastarX, Yasmi6, Marinated, anchovygirl, Furare, Marinated, anchovygirl, Hazarath 9
Abstain 0
(No vote) Aethera21, DementedDuck, Furare, Marinated, poppopmimi, TheRack 7

Round 8 Jolyma Lynched, riku743 Banned, ghadhean killed!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Jolyma anchovygirl, Quitex, Aethera21, DementedDuck, ghadhean, riku743, Furare, TheRack, master2482 9 Yasmi6
ghadhean randomact, Yasmi6 2 Furare, Jolyma
Quitex Hazarath 1 DementedDuck
anchovygirl 0 Marinated
Lynch Votes DementedDuck, Hazarath, anchovygirl, Quitex, Furare, Marinated, randomact, Jolyma, Aethera21, (DementedDuck), DementedDuck, ghadhean, riku743, Yasmi6, (Furare), Furare, TheRack, (Jolyma), (Yasmi6), Yasmi6, (Marinated) 11
Abstain 0
(No vote) Bunnylaroo, Lotsofgoats, poppopmimi, SeastarX, Jolyma, Marinated 6

Round 7: Clasalle Lynched, Luvessy Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
clasalle Lotsofgoats, riku743, Jolyma, SeastarX, poppopmimi 5 TheRack
Yasmi6 master2482, randomact, clasalle 3
master2482 Aethera21, Quitex 2
anchovygirl marinated, TheRack 2
ghadhean Luvessy, Furare 2 TheRack
Hazarath ghadhean, Yasmi6 2
Luvessy Hazarath 1
TheRack 0 TheRack
DementedDuck 0 TheRack
poppopmimi 0 riku743, Quitex
Lynch Votes TheRack, riku743, Quitex, (riku743), marinated, Lotsofgoats, riku743, master2482, Jolyma, Aethera21, randomact, SeastarX, (Quitex), Quitex, clasalle, Luvessy, poppopmimi, ghadhean, Yasmi6, (TheRack(x18)), TheRack(x18), Furare, (TheRack), TheRack , Hazarath, (TheRack(x2)), TheRack(x2) 17
Abstain 0
(No vote) anchovygirl, Bunnylaroo, DementedDuck 3

Round 6: Lyaka Lynched, Talisker Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Lyaka riku743, DementedDuck, marinated, ghadhean, Bunnylaroo, master2482, Lotsofgoats 7
master2482 Quitex, Aethera21, Yasmi6, anchovygirl 4 (Luvessy)
Hazarath Talisker, Luvessy, Clasalle, TheRack 4 ghadhean, Lotsofgoats
ghadhean randomact, Furare, Lyaka 3
Clasalle Jolyma 1
DementedDuck 0 Lyaka, TheRack
poppopmimi 0 Aethera21
Lynch Votes TheRack, riku743, DementedDuck, Quitex, Talisker, ghadhean, Aethera21, randomact, marinated, (Aethera21), Aethera21, Luvessy, Yasmi6, Lyaka, (Luvessy), Luvessy, Furare, anchovygirl, Jolyma, (ghadhean), ghadhean, Lotsofgoats, Clasalle, (Lyaka), Lyaka, Bunnylaroo, master2482, (TheRack), TheRack, (Lotsofgoats), Lotsofgoats 19
Abstain 0
(No vote) Hazarath, poppopmimi, SeastarX 3

Round 5: Vantastic Lynched, Searmin Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Vantastic riku743, ghadhean, Bunnylaroo, poppopmimi, Hazarath, TheRack, Yasmi6 (proxy by marinated) 7
Yasmi6 Lotsofgoats, master2482, DementedDuck, clasalle, randomact 5
Hazarath Vantastic, Luvessy, Talisker, marinated 4
master2482 Quitex, anchovygirl 2 Yasmi6, Aethera21
clasalle SeastarX, Searmin 2
Talisker Lyaka 1 Hazarath
DementedDuck 0 TheRack, Yasmi6 (proxy)
ghadhean 0 Aethera21
Lyaka 0 marinated
Jolyma 0 TheRack
Quitex 0 DementedDuck
Lynch Votes TheRack, Vantastic, Hazarath, Quitex, riku743, Lyaka, DementedDuck, marinated, Lotsofgoats, master2482, Yasmi6, (DementedDuck), DementedDuck, Luvessy, ghadhean, SeastarX, Bunnylaroo, Aethera21, Talisker, clasalle, (TheRack), poppopmimi, anchovygirl, randomact, TheRack, (marinated), marinated, (Yasmi6), Yasmi6, (Hazarath), Hazarath, (Aethera21), Aethera21, Searmin, (TheRack), TheRack, (Yasmi6 (proxy by marinated)), Yasmi6 (proxy by marinated),(Aethera21) 21
Abstain 0
(No vote) Furare, Jolyma, Aethera21 3

Round 4: elfeesh Lynched, smileo Resigned, Setsusa Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
elfeesh Searmin, smileo, marinated, master2482, randomact, Lyaka, clasalle, Lotsofgoats, Hazarath, Vantastic, Furare, Talisker, riku743, Bunnylaroo, Quitex 15 riku743, Luvessy, clasalle, Lotsofgoats
smileo Jolyma, elfeesh, Setsusa, anchovygirl, Luvessy, Aethera (proxy by Luvessy) 6 TheRack, Aethera21, Furare, Bunnylaroo
master2482 Yasmi6, TheRack 2 Setsusa, anchovygirl, Quitex
clasalle SeastarX 1 Lotsofgoats
Quitex DementedDuck 1 Yasmi6, master2482, Hazarath
Vantastic ghadhean 1 riku743
ghadhean 0 randomact
Hazarath 0 Vantastic
Lyaka 0 marinated
Talisker 0 lyaka
Lynch Votes Hazarath, DementedDuck, master2482, Yasmi6, marinated, Jolyma, Lotsofgoats, Quitex, Searmin, randomact, (Yasmi6), riku743, TheRack, Vantastic, Yasmi6, anchovygirl, Furare, Setsusa, ghadhean, SeastarX, Aethera21, lyaka, elfeesh, (Setsusa), Setsusa, (TheRack), TheRack, smileo, (marinated), marinated, (Aethera21, proxy by Luvessy), clasalle, (Lotsofgoats), Lotsofgoats, (master2482), master2482, (randomact), randomact, (riku743), riku743, Luvessy, (Furare), (riku743), (Luvessy), (clasalle), (lyaka), lyaka, (anchovygirl), (Lotsofgoats), anchovygirl, clasalle, Lotsofgoats, (Hazarath), Hazarath, Bunnylaroo, (Vantastic), Vantastic, Furare, Luvessy, Aethera (proxy by Luvessy), Talisker, riku743, (Bunnylaroo), Bunnylaroo, (Quitex), Quitex 25
Abstain 0 Therack
(No vote) poppopmimi 1

Round 3: No Lynch, Cnuofesd Inactive, Pzaragosa Inactive, Disgraced Inactive, PhoenyxStar resigned, rissarissa13 Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
elfeesh smileo, PhoenyxStar, Furare, Searmin, Jolyma, clasalle 6
Pzaragosa poppopmimi, elfeesh 2 SeastarX, TheRack
Disgraced Aethera21, TheRack 2 Vantastic
Master2482 Quitex, Setsusa 2
poppopmimi Talisker 1 Aethera
Yasmi6 DementedDuck 1 TheRack
Lyaka marinated 1
ghadhean randomact 1
PhoenyxStar Lotsofgoats 1 Luvessy, elfeesh
Quitex 0 TheRack
marinated 0 rissarissa13
Lynch Votes Vantastic, smileo, PhoenyxStar, marinated, Furare, Aethera21, Lotsofgoats, Yasmi6, Talisker, DementedDuck, Luvessy, randomact, elfeesh, rissarissa13, Searmin, Jolyma, TheRack, Quitex, Setsusa, clasalle, (Luvessy), poppopmimi, (Vantastic), (rissarissa13), (TheRack), TheRack, (TheRack), TheRack, (elfeesh), elfeesh, SeastarX, (Aethera21), Aethera21, (SeastarX), (TheRack), TheRack 18
Abstain Yasmi6, Luvessy, Bunnylaroo, riku743, Vantastic, rissarissa13, ghadhean 7
(No vote) anchovygirl, Cnuofesd, Disgraced, Hazarath, Lyaka, master2482, Pzaragosa, SeastarX 8

Round 2: Justinmickey Lynched, Prosperity Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Justinmickey Lotsofgoats, riku743, DementedDuck, Setsusa, Prosperity, master2482, randomact, Disgraced, elfeesh 9
elfeesh Furare, Marinated, Jolyma, SeastarX 4 Searmin
ghadhean rissarissa13, smileo, Lyaka, Yasmi6 4
Jolyma Vantastic, ghadhean, Aethera21 3
master2482 anchovygirl 1 elfeesh
Lyaka Therack 1 Marinated
riku743 PhoenyxStar 1
PhoenyxStar Hazarath 1
Cnuofesd Talisker 1
Yasmi6 Clasalle 1
Hazarath 0 rissarissa13
Lynch Votes Lotsofgoats, riku743, Therack, DementedDuck, Vantastic, Marinated, rissarissa13, Setsusa, Prosperity, anchovygirl, master2482, PhoenyxStar, (rissarissa13), rissarissa13, Hazarath, elfeesh, randomact, ghadhean, Aethera21, Furare, smileo, Lyaka, Marinated, Yasmi6, Talisker, Searmin, Clasalle, Disgraced, Jolyma, SeastarX, elfeesh 26
(No vote) celiatr, Cnuofesd, Justinmickey, Luvessy, poppopmimi, Pzaragosa, Quitex, Searmin 8

Round 1: No Lynch, taelac Banned!

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Lyaka Therack, Talisker, Marinated 3
rissarissa13 Hazarath, Justinmickey 2
Justinmickey Lotsofgoats, 1
Hazarath 0 Lotsofgoats
ghadhean 0 Lotsofgoats
Lynch Votes Lotsofgoats, Therack, Hazarath, Lotsofgoats, Justinmickey, Talisker, Lotsofgoats, Marinated 6
Abstain riku743, anchovygirl, elfeesh, rissarissa13, Vantastic, Disgraced, smileo, Lyaka, master2482, Setsusa, Yasmi6 11
(No vote) Jolyma, randomact, Cnuofesd, celiatr, Searmin, taelac, PhoenyxStar, ghadhean, DementedDuck, Luvessy, Pzaragosa, Quitex, Prosperity, Clasalle, Aethera21, Reddress, poppopmimi, Furare, 18

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