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Familiars Won
Pirate Information
Viridian Ocean
Pirate Name Nemor
Home Island Dragon's Nest
Crew Phantom Cutthroats
Flag Vanguard
Rank Captain
Title Carpenter and king
Manages Mardi Bras on Harmattan Island

Nemor is currently the captain and carpenter of the Phantom Cutthroats and previous king of the flag Vanguard on the Viridian Ocean.


Notable Achievements

  • He was the king of the flag Vanguard from September 2007 to July 2009.
  • He was a prince of the flag Vanguard.
  • He won a yellow octopus in Ye Booched It! Yellow Octo Familiar Event~.
  • He was the governor of Ansel Island on Viridian.
  • He was the governor of Cochineal Island on Viridian from July to October, 2006.
  • He was the governor of Olive Island on Viridian from April to July, 2007 and January 2008 to April 2009.
  • He was the governor of Terra Island on Viridian.
  • He is the current captain of the Phantom Cutthroats.
  • He won a yellow monkey in Pick-Your-Puzzle Bake-Off on Midnight for first place in Carpentry.
  • He won a sleeping piglet in Pick-Your-Puzzle Bake-Off on Viridian for second place in Carpentry.


Past Titles


Puzzle Viridian Midnight Sage Hunter Cobalt
Alchemistry 4 - - - -
Battle Navigation - - - 30 -
Bilging 11 - 179 89 -
Carpentry 1 1 6 23 -
Distilling 3 - - - -
Drinking 21 - - - -
Gunnery 10 - - 39 27
Navigation 5 - - 14 -
Poker 18 - - - -
Rumble 17 - - - -
Sailing 2 35 119 21 -
Sea battle 3 - - - -
Shipwrightery 20 - - - -
Swordfight 29 - - 137 -
Treasure Drop 53 - - - -
Treasure Haul 1 - - - -
  • Dropped 11 ultimates, 1 legendary, 1 renowned, 1 master and 1 distinguished all down to able to win "Ye Booched It! Yellow Octo Familiar Event~"


Nemor first appeared on Viridian on April 23rd, 2005. He joined the Ghosts of the Seven Seas under Lorthar and went through officer training and became an officer.

On June 13th, 2005, Nemor first gained #1 in Carpentry standing and became one of the first three senior officers of the Ghosts of the Seven Seas. He later became lord of the flag Scuppering Seven Seas and navigated in multiple blockades for the flag, the most notable being Harmattan IV.

Nemor married Bigbertha on October 23rd of 2005. At then end of October, he left the Ghosts of the Seven Seas to form the Phantom Cutthroats, where he was one of the first three senior officers. The crew left Scuppering Seven Seas and joined Requiem, where he became a lord. Nemor navigated in multiple blockades for Requiem, most notable being Prolix VI and Terra VI.

He first started sinking in PvP contests, sinking numerous ships while at war with Purgatory and Confusion. Soon after this, the Phantom Cutthroats left Requiem and joined the newly created, Vanguard. He became a lord of this flag and navigated in many of its blockades. Later he was appointed governor of Cochineal Island which was later lost in an undefended 3 round blockade.

Nemor won "Perfection" in Shuranthae's "Ye Booched It! Yellow Octo Familiar Event~".

While in Vanguard, he has hunted and sunk numerous vessels while at war with Star Explorers, Equinox, Euphoria, Brotherhood w-o Banners, and Shadow Knights.

He often blockade navigates for Vanguard and the flag's allies and cross-ocean allies.

Nemor became a prince after the successful defense of Terra X.

Nemor became the third captain of the Phantom Cutthroats.

He won his first blockade admiraling attempt in the successful defense of Terra XI.

He became governor of Olive after Terra XI. A deal with Scupperer before the Jubilee I island opening blockade caused him to give up his governorship of Olive Island.

When Calais left the flag, Nemor became the governor of Terra Island. Near the end of September 2007, he became king of Vanguard. He lost his governorship of Terra in his first blockade as king at Terra XIII.

In mid July 2009, Nemor stepped down to the title of Lord. During the duration which Nemor was king of Vanguard, his flag has been apart of 44 blockades.

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