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Lupus is a senior officer in the crew Poseidon's Tricorne on the Sage Ocean. He retired from the game recently. Beforehand, Lupus enjoyed playing poker and pillaging with his friends. He was known for playing at the 20 no limit table when having millions of PoE on him. He frequently gave out huge loans to his friends Bjunior and Redlizard.



Lupus washed up onto the shores of Puzzle Pirates in August 2004. Midnight Ocean became his first home. Soon after starting to play, Lupus recruited a friend to start playing too. His best friend soon became his best pirate friend too. Together, Hiden and Lupus ventured across Midnight Ocean puzzling.

Only a couple of months after playing, Lupus took a year-long break away from the game. After this break, Lupus returned to Puzzle Pirates with intent of starting over and exploring new oceans. Sage became his next ocean. Lupus joined Sage Ocean on September 1st 2005. He puzzled and pillaged for a while before befriending his first hearty, Surango. Surango showed Lupus the ropes of the other puzzles and recruited him to the crew Nagamar where Lupus quickly became close with Luigi, Horror, and Oblivion. After about a month of being in the crew, Lupus rose to the rank of officer.

During his time puzzling Lupus found Gunnery to be his favorite duty puzzle of all. He also enjoyed Navigation, Bilging, and Carpentry. Lupus also took a liking to the parlor puzzles Swordfighting and Drinking. After obtaining a few ultimates, Lupus was promoted to senior officer rank. In his time as senior officer, Lupus ran pillages and took his sloop into blockades.

It was then, in 2006 that Lupus met several hearties that he would grow close to. He met Liue, Bjunior, and Redlizard. Lupus met Bjunior, his closest hearty, while Swordfighting in the inn.

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