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The Trilobite is a trinket obtained in booty divisions from Atlantis. It was first seen in release 2009-12-08. The Trilobite is available in all the colors of the Atlantean trinket palette.

Item box unequip.png
Item box unequip.png
Item box unequip.png
Item box unequip.png
Light blue
Item box unequip.png

Note: A booch was made in the initial release allowing this trinket to potentially be found in all cloth colors save persimmon. This was fixed in release 2009-12-10 - all trinkets that had already been won remained unchanged irrespective of color, but all future trinkets could only be won in Atlantis-palette colors. All possible colors may be seen here.

Atlantis Rewards
release 2008-02-05 Archelon egg | Atlantean band | Atlantean brooch | Atlantean totem | Broken trident tine | Engraved Atlantean band | Inscribed shell

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release 2009-12-08 Atlantean codex | Broken statuary | Carcharias coin | Carven squid | Finned bracelet | Scale strigil | Sea dagger | Subaquatic figurine | Tentacled comb | Trident coin | Trilobite

release 2013-11-07 Battle horn | Ippolito medallion | Turtle pendant
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