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Linchpin is a dormant pirate on the Hunter Ocean, who is now active as Xule, a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.


Linchpin woke up in a shack on Quetzal Island one fine day in the fall of 2006. He didn't remember his original name or where he came from. The was a large bump on his head, he was wearing rags and lying on the floor. He checked his backpack and found nothing else but a rusty old foil. Was his memory gone because of the bump? Or maybe because of the fifteen empty rum bottles lying on the floor of the shack? Either way he didn't care. He helped himself to one of the remaining bottles -there was plenty to go- and started a meaningful conversation with the Drake. Drake was the black rat crawling on the wall of his shack, who promptly introduced itself and gave its name. As the pile of empty bottle climbed higher Drake became more talkative and together with Linchpin they swore an oath of eternal friendship that holds to this day.

Then, there was a knock on the door. Linchpin stumbled to open it. Maybe Drakes's family was coming to visit? To his dissapointement there was just a pirate there, with flashy red hair. To his bigger dissapointment she insisted he get out of his shack and gun aboard her ship. Gun? No way! He had never loaded a gun in his life. Still, he could not get rid of the annoying pirate. She happened to live in a shack right next door and would visit every morning to nag endlessly about how desperate she was for a gunner. Annoyed at all this, and wanting to get rid of her, Linchpin joined the Quetzal Island Navy and spent the next week gunning. He always took Drake with him, though Drake was mysteriously silent when there was no rum about. Maybe he was just sulking.

In the days to come Linchpin's fame grew. It seemed he was a natural at gunning and the legend of the blonde gunner spread like the wind across Hunter. Unknown pirates stopped him at the dock to get their bandana or cannon ball signed and whenever he boarded a ship the captain would spread a red carpet from the boarding point to the guns, just for him. But Linchpin was destined for bigger better things. He signed up with the navy once more, this time as an officer and sailed a tiny sloop with Happy Sara and Booched Al -very friendly chaps- attacking brigand and barbarian war frigates all over Orion. Many fell to his sword. To this day the legend of the Owning Sloop and its blonde captain is whispered in the inns and woe be to the unlucky brigand that meets him on his way.


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