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Xule is a captain of the crew Pirates of the Dark Sea, and king of the flag Booching Blaggards. He was the governor of Cleopatra's Pearls, and established the trading post Tomb Traiders on the day trading posts were released, 21 January 2010. He migrated from the Hunter Ocean where he was known as Linchpin.


  • Achieved #1 in Battle Navigation.
  • Achieved Ultimate in 6 puzzles
  • Won 1st position in the Leg Up Relay Sloop Race from July 26th to June 27th, 2008. The sloop team consisted of Argoose, Bevlinda, Fallorian, Lulaagh and Xule. Prize: Four Renamed/Painted/Stocked Baghlahs.
  • Won 4th position in 'Sloop Blackjack 4: The Musical Edition' on December 12, 2009. The traveling musicians were Cato, Fleurs, Phoney and Alniyat led by the great signer and composer of Midnight Xule the Melodic. Prize: Five pets.

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