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Irelay is a senior officer and poet of the crew Superlemon Krakatoa and a member of the flag Phobos Et Deimos. She was the governor of Ostreum Island and is married in-game to Rmarzbarr.


The pirate Irelay washed up on the shores of Jorvik Island on August 8th, 2004. After jobbing around, she settled in the crew The Doubloon Hunters of the now defunct Midnight Horizon. In just about a month, Midnight Horizon had begun to fall apart, as seen with the loss of the then uncolonized isle of Zeta to the flag of doom.

Irelay joined a few crewmates in the breakaway crew Areds Raiders, which eventually left the flag for Water Sleeps, which had recently aquired Beta Island. After Areds left the game in December of 2004, Irelay joined another crew within the flag, the Extremely Happy Pirates. In March of 2005 she married her fellow flagmate Rmarzbarr.

When the activity level of the Extremely Happy Pirates withered, she moved to Otherwhen, captained by Lordkalvan. Over the course of her time in Water Sleeps, she rose in the ranks of the flag, through lady and eventually to princess. She also helped organize the first two Beta Blasts. Following a successful stay in Otherwhen, she moved to Dioses Y Demonios, where she remains today. On November 1st, 2006, after over 2 years of playing the game, Irelay acquired her first familiar in an auction.


Crews and Flags

  • Cabin person - officer in The Doubloon Hunters, member of Midnight Horizon
  • Officer in Areds Raiders, member of Midnight Horizon and Water Sleeps
  • Pirate - Senior officer in Extremely Happy Pirates, lady of Water Sleeps
  • Officer - Senior officer in Otherwhen, princess of Water Sleeps
  • Pirate - Senior officer in Dioses Y Demonios, lady of Superlemon Krakatoa